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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's play with Google Analytics (third times the charm)

Alright doods, it's time for more fun with Google! (confused? answers here) I'm going to try to keep up on these and do like one a month because the last one was, as my friend Amy would say, OCBA (Out of Conrol Bad Ass) and waaaay too long for one post. Plus, it gives me something to post on weekends when I am too busy living a non-digital life to bother with blogging!

i have nothing notes
   well you can't copy off me! I'm telling!

"hilarious dog names"
   Hmm, I've never had a dog but if I did, I think Tobor Fancypants would be a hilarious name (Tobor is robot backwards and a fine pet name, I think!)  Also, it was not a dog but I thought it was really funny when Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia stole a horse from a jockey and named him Peter Nincompoop, so there's always that too

"socks - target"
   Yes, they do in fact sell socks at Target, but shhh, I'm not the one who told you. Let's keep this info on the DL, K?

dinner to go and nothing to wear
   I guess if you are having dinner to go, you could just roll in in a trench coat to pick up your food, just make sure it's not too windy, I don't want you to get a banned from The Green Mill.

does pebbles have pretty dresses?

   I think she just has the one, and it kinda looks like shit to me... learn how to hem Wilma, you're whole family looks ragged, you're a terrible mother.

future lin t
   Futurelint can be one word or two, three is where I draw the line, you are BANNED! Come back, one year!

i have nothing to wear leggings with
  Rolling around town in leggings as pants is perfectly acceptable in modern America, which is why I am going ex-pat in a time machine

i have nothing to wear on my birthday
  They don't call it a birthday suit for nothin' honey

i have nothing to wear on picture day for 11 year old
   I think it would be hilarious to wear a tube top - a girl at my high school did that for her senior portrait and it looked like she was totally naked! = hilarious!

i would rather be riding baby
   You can't ride a baby! Even if this is like a giant Shaq baby and you are small, this is a bad idea. Besides, you'll never get the saddle on.

if you wear same colors and what you can pick like i'am a pumkin
   I suspect you are missing some teeth, yes?

quickly shortening a dress
  Noooooo! Put down the scissors. Put down the stapler. Didn't you see that Pebbles picture up there? Save the dress for another day and do a proper hem. Please.

keeping lint off pants
   IMPOSSIBLE! Only superheros...
Yep, not a speck o' lint or dust on the bunch.

my kitchen today blogspot
   My kitchen is totally abandoned most of the day... although I may venture down there to make a waffle for lunch later.  Then I'll screenprint some shirts on the kitchen table... it's really not a very happening place.

redheads wear black
 Not much...

sixties ballerina style shoes
   I feel like ballerina shoe styles haven't changed in like 200 years... wait, are you talking about Mary Janes??

tigar dresses
   Learn to spell! Wait! Did I spell it "tigar" somewhere???? Google, you are freaking me out!!! Must go proofread 1.5 years worth of blog posts for spelling and grammar errors... will return in a few days.

what did people wear in the black death
   I'm gonna go with filthy rat-gnawed rags?

what to wear in norway in march
   I'll check with my grandma, but I think it depends on if we're talking the 1st or the 31st... I suspect that whole lion/lamb thing is actually true there, just like in the midwest!

what to wear to the movies blogspot
   Most movie theaters don't have a dress code... I think you should dress up like someone in the movie you are going to see! Every single time, not just for Harry Potter movies! Or, dress like Harry Potter for EVERY movie!

will the husband wear the apron in the future
   Sure! If I ever get married, I'll totally make him wear an apron when he's bad.

lots of lint sweater after every wear
  Sounds like you have yourself a VERY cheap sweater, I would get rid of it post-haste!

world's girliest boy
  Is it Johnny Weir?

what shoes did zack morris wear
   Without actually googling this... I'm gonna guess white high-top Reeboks? I guess it depends if we're talking the Miss Bliss years or the college years...

i hate the negative temperature
  Me too! OMG! We have soooo much in common! You like to whine too? NO WAY! We should totally hang out! TTYL!


Melrose said...

miss bliss was the bomb.

Suz said...

Ahahah! I wonder how long the "tigar dresses" Googler stayed on your site before they realized they were a dumbass.

EvaNadine said...

i was just looking at the photo of johnny weir earlier this morning. yes, he just may be the girliest man alive...

Kimberly said...

Monthly feature? YES!! I love this little round-up so much!


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