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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Well, there I go again. Disappearing for a whole summer. I stopped the blog a bit before the school year ended because my grandfather died and I went home to WI for a few days and to Chicago for the wake and funeral. I've been waitressing, bartending, and driving the bev cart at the golf club all summer, so I've been living in golf polos. You're not missing much fashion there, believe me.

The news:

Nate and I bought a house and close on it in less than a week. Fare thee well condo! I lived here alone for 8+ years and for almost a year with Nate. It's time to move it on up from 850 square feet to about 1950 feet. Whoop, whoop! TTFN condo! 


We're just renting out the condo to a tenant, so at least I don't have to say an official goodbye. I get oddly attached to places. Especially this one. When I bought it, it was the first time in my whole life I lived alone. It was a big step at 23 years old and I have so many memories here. So I'm glad it's not gone forever - yet. Besides, I'll be back to visit our neighbor friends and make them let me use the pool next summer.

Otherwise, Nate and I are finishing up a summer of weddings. We had four to attend this summer (two of which - we were in the wedding party) and we still have two more in the fall. Six weddings in 5 months. And none of them are in Minneapolis. I'm basically working 12 hour days all summer to afford wedding gifts and hotel rooms. 

The weddings:

Dancing with another one of my grandpas at my cousin Bryan's wedding:

Henrik cheers-ing Nate at that wedding:

I was a bridesmaid in Breckenridge, CO for my friend Megan:

Where we rode bikes from Vail to Frisco and stayed in a mansion in the mountains for 5 days:

Nate was the best man in a wedding in Mankato, MN:

Unfortunately we had to go to another funeral this summer too. Our groomsman, Sunder, who was very ill but fortunately made it to our wedding, passed away on July 4. His favorite holiday was the Fourth of July, so it's very fitting he held out until that day. His family got special permission from the sheriff to shoot off tons of illegal fireworks in his honor after the memorial. He loved candy and sweets more than anyone I've ever known, so his family had a candy, cake, brownie, and root-beer float buffet - which was so fitting. He was only 29 and a sarcastic, charismatic bastard whose hilarity, love, and passion for our fantasy football and baseball leagues will never be forgotten. Nate's already planning a candy-themed tribute tattoo for him.

Well, that was our summer. 4 weddings, 2 funerals. And 60 hour work weeks. I'm ready for school, I'm ready to move, I'm ready to blog again. And hopefully it's all happening in the next few weeks. Later, skaters. Wish me luck ripping up carpet and praying our original 1941 hardwood floors in the house are in good shape. Skol!


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