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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roses are... grey?

I've had this dress since this fall but never wore it until now...it's just not a fall dress, but I think this sufficiently winterizes it until I can wear it this spring and summer.

I am proud of my $1 Frye belt...
Blazer - little boys, thrifted
Dress - thrifted (unfortunately the tag is cut out so IDK the brand)
Belt - thrifted, Frye
Tights - Target
Shoes - Modcloth (free thanks to Daddy Likey)

I'm picking up my special needs buddy early today, so I think we may go to the movies for the first time in like 2 years. He's not super into movies and neither am I, but Where The Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr. Fox are playing at the $2 theater, so I'll see which one he wants to see. We usually only hang out for 2.5 hours every Thursday and I don't want to waste our time together watching movies, but we have longer tonight so I figure it is a good day to stay out of the cold and eat popcorn!

Things I am excited for: Project Runway tonight, the Super Bowl is soooon, eating big soft pretzels (I make really good soft pretzels but they are kind of a pain to make, so I rarely do, but I always make them for the Super Bowl (and the Oscars)! Last year one of my guy friends begged me to make pretzels for him for his birthday instead of a cake, which I thought was so funny, so I did!)


Sal said...

The florals and gray are fantastic together. Way to winterize!

evanadine said...

gray is the perfect neutral for winter. it just screams soft and cozy. :)

snoblak said...

Love the mix of florals and grey. And yay to the $1 belt ! ;-)

wardrobeexperience said...

i love everything about this outfit....


Lesa said...

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Clare said...

I totally wanna come over and have pretzels with you!

Melrose said...

it half reminds me of a flower girl dress i wore when i was 5, and half reminds me of my grandmother's couch.
and for both those reasons i love that dress so freaking much.

Anonymous said...

I am becoming a HUGE fan of florals in the wintertime and I love how you put a nice winter's touch on this outfit with the gray tights and blazer. Oh and those shoes and belt are the perfect finishing touches.

Yummy, I love homemade pretzels... I wish I was coming to your house for the Super Bowl. :)

Have a great weekend!



halfpastafreckle said...

Such a great way to style a floral dress!!! I love the blazer and all the gray touches!!!


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