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Thursday, November 19, 2009

deadly dust bunnies

You know how people are always like "I can't wear white, I always spill on it"... well, me too, duh, but I also can't wear black... seriously, how do people do it? I feel like I'm dusting all day at work, somehow I just pick up fuzzy stuff, dust and hairs all day!

Let's do the detail shot first today because, come on, look at all those insane ruffles (not to mention the awesome pearl collar, worn as a necklace):

Black t-shirt - thrifted
Ruffled shirt - Romeo and Juliet Couture
Pearl collar - ebay
Cropped pants - Target
Shoes - MIA

Ha! Just realized my title is double funny because I am allergic to both dust and bunnies (well, rabbits). No mohair for this girl...


Sal said...

OK, I hate ruffles on the whole. But those specific ruffles are superfantastico!

Melrose said...

its so weird to see you in all black!
but i do love those ruffles...

_marguerite_ said...

I absolutely love it. And I'm so sorry to hear you're allergic to little bundles of cuteness that are bunnies.

And because I love it soooo much, I pulled a monkey see - monkey do.

Anonymous said...

Totally in love with the ruffles on your shirt! Ruffles make anthing fabulous if you ask me. You look gorgeous!



Sher said...

I love ruffles! And yours reminds me of vintage.

I think black is a dust magnet for everyone. I try to wear something with it to pull the focus elsewhere. Just the other day I was wearing a black top and during lunch I look down....full of crumbs. Yeesh! I'm so messy LOL!

Ann said...

oooo! love the blouse!!

Clare said...

Ooh, love those t-straps!

Lesa said...

I have so many kitties and dogs of different colors that I take a roller brush everywhere I go, especially with black, which by the way, looks really good on you.

VestedBeeVintage said...

what a gorgeous ruffle top!!!


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