"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): an uncharacteristically black outfit and a million pictures of one side of my living room

Monday, March 1, 2010

an uncharacteristically black outfit and a million pictures of one side of my living room

I'm exhausted so let's make this quick... I had a few bad and realistic dreams last night that creeped me out and I just kept waking up all night being a scaredy spaz... then all day I just had this weird feeling and I had to remember it was just the dream lingering and nothing bad really happened. Annoying.
Glasses - thrifted vintage American Optical, lenses replaced
T-shirt - Target
Dress - Free People
Shoes - Target

On the plus side, I finally finished my living room wall. It used to have the b & w pictures from the stairs on it, then I put them on the stairs like 1.5 years ago and just randomly stuck up art on the living room wall as I got it. So last weekend I spent a lot of time laying it out and doing calculations so it would look properly and etc... so here it is!
First here's some art close-ups... a lot of them are from 20x200, the big posters are educational posters from the '60s that a teacher at my school gave me, the b&w photos in the upper left were taken by me when I volunteered in a Dominican orphanage, the little sideburns post-it is an original by Marc Johns (my fave!), the bell was found in the basement of a house my friend was renting and her landlord told me I could have it, I drew the seahorse.

This metal rolling table is from a thrift store and I love it! I added the thrifted tray across the bars on the bottom for some additional space. The globe was also thrifted and was made in 1964 for blind people, you can feel all the lines of latitude and longitude and all the geographical features are raised. Neato!

Chess table is from Target, the old typewriter is from a thrift store and it works! However, for now I'm using it as an elaborate picture frame for a photo of me signing Megan and John's marriage certificate in Jamaica.

Ikea chair (my mom bought me two when I bought my condo like 5 years ago), I recovered the bottom cushion with upholstery fabric and added a different pillow than the plain white one that came on it.  The ram rug is from a garage sale, the girl was from Moracco and bought the rug in Tunisia, it cost me $1. Score!

While I'm at it, here is the corner of the fireplace, right next to the chair.  The porcelain cow head is thrifted, the antlers were a gift from the math teacher at my last job (he'd killed the deer himself when he was a little boy), the alarm was salvaged from an old elementary school, the clock I made out of a china plate in 6th grade, the yellow shelves are from an antique shop with my mom, the baseball is signed by Justin Morneau, the horse painting was thirfted, blah blah blah

Am I the only one who has so many problems photographing rooms... this all makes sense when you see it for real but it's so hard to capture in a logical way on camera...


Sak said...

I like ur posts..you are not alone..soon u will see bamboos in my blog post..I love all ur vintage finds..so cute....

Sak said...

for some reason my comment appeared twice..so removed the first one..

wardrobeexperience said...

cute dress. reminds me of my fave dress when i was a young girl... ; )


Clare said...

I just LOVE the pattern on that dress. So cute. I loveloveLOVE it! (Did I mention that I love it?)

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

That dress is so cool! I love the way it looks against the all blac.

Kjrsten said...

Wow, we are collection sisters! I have a globe collection and a vintage type writter. I use it to send letters to loved ones. It's a lost art of our grandmother day.


Catherine said...

Your place looks great! I think I have that same cow head. My mom got it for me at a thrift store last year, and we use it as a towel rack in our bathroom. Does yours have bizarre looking, creepy, orange eyes? I've been thinking about changing the eyes on mine, but I'm worried about breaking it while prying them off.



Anyway, Iove your style!



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