"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): March 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm outta here!

Here is yesterday's outfit... So, I have a little six year old boy who comes in to my office every morning to switch out his "helpers" (aka his home hearing aids for his school hearing aids). He just got some new shoes and was totally excited about his Pumas. So of course I launched into super excited mode and started asking him if he could run faster and jump higher, and etc. He said, "It's too bad you can't wear them, Puma's are only for boys." Oh no, I assured him, I have a pink pair at home. "Could you wear them tomorrow?" So, the unintentional outfit challenge has been issued. I could not think of a harder thing to build an outfit around than pink tennis shoes. But, for Michael, anything! 

Crocheted coller - thrifted
Cardigan - Paul Frank (from crazy $2 outlet store!)
T-shirt - American Apparel
Pants - thrifted Express
Shoes - the pink Pumas from 10 years ago that started it all!

Here is today's outfit!

Cardigan - thrifted Old Navy
T-shirt - Target
Belt - thrifted Ann Taylor
Skirt - by the pound Goodwill
Tights - thrifted at Fake Target
Shoes - Michael Kors

And that will be it for a week. I'm leaving tomorrow to visit Megan and John in Boston. We're also going to NYC for two days. So I'll be back on Thursday hopefully with some good photos and stories!

In the mean time, I will be with these two clowns. Here is John and I the third year we did the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge. They have a costume contest and this time we were Miss Scarlett with the candlestick and Colonol Mustard with the rope from Clue! And here is Megan, this is us on a plane when we went to Florida to visit Adeline!

So goodnight sweethearts! See you in a week-ish!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

boring and gross

Here is Friday's outfit... I got a lot of flack at work over the socks with heels. The finance secretary said "You can't wear socks with heels, you just CAN'T!" I got the stamp of approval from the wardrobe_remix girls, so I think I can pull it off.

Long sleeve t - Target
Ruffled shirt - thrifted
Leather vest - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted (and shortened by me) Nicole Miller
Shoes - vintage from etsy shop VintageVogue

Vest - thrifted
Silk striped shirt - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Pants - thrifted
Sandals - Nordstrom (that is the brand too! I've had them for ten years now!)

I had a pretty boring weekend. Friday I just hung out at the boys house with some friends, it was really fun, but pretty much the same ol' thing. Saturday I had to waitress for the first time in a few weeks and it was SO busy. My boss was out of town, the bar manager was busy doing a tasting with a couple (and their parents) for an upcoming wedding. So I had to run my little butt off making drinks for my own tables (and for the other servers, since I'm the only waitress who also bartends!) It was SO, SO much work. When I was finally done I felt really tired and kind of sick. So I went right to bed. I got up around 2am and then REALLY got sick. All day Sunday? Spent in the bathroom, getting sick. I finally stopped around 3am Monday. Needless to say I did not go to work yesterday. I slept until around noon, ate some plain toast and felt okay so I started going through all my winter clothes. I decided what to keep, what was vintage and could go on etsy in the fall, what was not vintage but could be sold to a resale shop in the fall, and what would go to charity. I'm not done yet, but I'm finally letting go of some things I've kept around for years. You know, "I'll wear this one day just not today." So there you have it, my boring and gross weekend. Luckily it was drizzly and icky all day so at least I wasn't missing out on the spring, and hopefully all this rain will make the grass green soon!

How was your weekend?

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Spring Inspirations, Vicodin Style" House of Holland

Ok, I was a little torn on posting this one... I did not want my "Spring Inspirations, Vicodin Style" to be mean, or mock the designers I do not like. I like SOME of the House of Holland's stuff (particularly the first two outfits here). I also appreciate that they don't take fashion too seriously and just experiment and have fun with it. That being said I also HAAAATED some of it (as in, all of the mens wear, which was girlier than the womens wear and all of those circle hole jeans.) So, I decided to cut myself some slack for getting a little mean on this one, but remember I was in terrible pain and a lot of Vicodin. So, for better or worse, I give you the House of Holland: (click the photo to make it bigger and readable)

P.S. You can check out the whole runway show here, and see that I am a saint, I could have been mocking a lot of this.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nautical/circus and coffee talk

Outfit details: (I forget to do this a lot here, I always do it on my flickr for w_r, so really, come on Christine, let's copy and paste!)

Jacket - thrifted Luella for Target
Necklace - garage sale pocketwatch I put on a chain (the boy looked up the watch, and apparently based on the brand and serial # it is from 1900-1901 and could be worth hundreds of dollars if I find a watchmaker willing to fix it. Hmmm...)
Shirt - American Apparel
Jeans - Built by Wendy sample sale
Boots - thrifted Ann Taylor LOFT

I took an outside outfit shot too because this is the buttery soft leather coat I found when I fell off the thrifting wagon and to show my new Hayden Harnett purse (which was a hella good deal, for HH). I've been carrying the same brown cross-body purse for almost two years (since the infamous mugging) so I wanted one that was a little larger and black. Tada!

Ok, and now for the "coffee talk" portion of the post. I am not the best blogger. I read a lot of blogs, and often people will "answer" comments. I do not. Should I? I never remember when or where I commented on blogs and never really go back to check if they answered or whatever. Do you guys go back and remember where and when you commented to see if I said thanks or whatever? If someone asks a question, I'll reply but otherwise, please know that I THANK YOU ALL for reading my pathetic little blog about my quirky little outfits and opinions. If there is ever anything you want to know, ask! Don't be shy! In the meantime, who are you? How did you get here? What do you do? Where are you? What makes you happy? Do you have anything you'd like to see more/less of here? Is my layout seriously wonky sometimes (it looks fine on my Apple laptop, but at my work PC sometimes it is a nightmare!)?ETC!!!

Lover you all, all of the time.

"Spring Inspirations, Vicodin style" Anna Sui

Oh Anna, I have such a weakness for vibrant colors, outfits that are "busy", and things that are vaguely ethnic. You nailed it! Click to enlarge and see the love!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Music Man

Ok, actually it's a uniform from the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks from 1922! I know I need to get around to my Vicodin Spring '09 inspiration looks, but it's getting to be spring here and I neeeeded to wear this jacket before it got too warm. 

Jacket - eBay (it's from the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks from 1922!)
T-shirt - Target
Pants - thrifted Express
Shoes - Steve Madden

P.S. go check out the new accessories in the etsy!

"Spring Inspirations, Vicodin style" Christian Lacroix

This might be my favorite designer for Spring '09. Great colors, the clothes don't take themselves too seriously, interesting shapes... I could go on and on. Bravo, Christian Lacroix, now gimme that matador outfit! Click to see and read:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Spring Inspirations, Vicodin style" Diane von Fürstenberg

Ok, Miss DvF, I love this collection. For some reason, I've always hated silks. About a month or two ago, this changed. I now own like three silk shirts and four silk skirts (and several silk kimonos). I can't wait to try to do an outfit (or two!) inspired by this collection. So click on the pic! Look! Laugh! Ignore the hair shenanigans!

I'm an irresponsible blogger

I've been a bad blogger this weekend, sorry! I've got a few more "Spring Inspirations, Vicodin Style" posts for you, from when I was still on Vicodin. Luckily the elbow has returned to normal (They think my ulnar nerve -think funny bone- quickly snapped out of place, then back in place. It freaked out for a week because it doesn't like to be stretched out of place. Now it is back to normal, and unless it happens again, I won't need surgery or anything. Whoo! So behave yourself, elbow!) I may also write a few tonight (more like Spring Inspirations, Guinness Style - because drinking ONE of those and I'm looped for the night.) So happy St. Patrick's Day if you're Irish or into that sort of thing (I'm not Irish. I generally stay away from St. Paddy's celebrations because they are usually full of drunk frat-boy types. No thank you.) So I shall leave you with yesterday and today's outfits (spring is finally here!) Toodles!

Bolero - Target
Cross necklace - Josi Wert (local boutique that I pillaged as it was going out of business)
Dress - Free People (crazy outlet store!)
Tights - Target?
Shoes - Mudd (I know, but they were $3 for brown ballet flats)

I wore a little green today, but I'm not Irish, so didn't want to overdo it. I get enough people thinking I'm Irish on a daily basis.
Dress/tunic - handmade vintage ($10 ebay) 
Necklace - ?? it's old, added vintage boy's clip-on bowtie
 Jeans - Earnest Sewn 
Shoes - ModCloth (free, thanks to Daddy Likey!) 

Friday, March 13, 2009

photo, photo, measure, describe, REPEAT

 Jean jacket - thrifted Children's Place (I have so many denim jackets, I'm playing with them today to see which ones to sell and which one to bleach until it's really light)
Jeans - Earnest sewn
Sandals! - thrifted vintage Candies
Purse - thrifted Army issued

Yay! I had the day off and spent it updating the etsy, which is terribly time consuming. So head on over for some great spring vintage (including a Christian Dior blazer, '70s Levi's jean jacket, and cute dresses!) Sadly, I still have more to put up, but I figure I'll have a little time over spring break (we have 10 days off, I'm going to Boston for six days, that gives me a few days to do the etsy and the vacation laundry.) The few minutes I left the house (NEEDED to make a smoothie, so I went to the grocery store) I wore this. I'm carrying this bag today because I'm trying to decide if I should keep it or throw it on the etsy. I thrifted it in Chicago when I was in high school, but think I might be too old to carry a purse with a skull on it (it's Army issued, I'm a little scared it's radioactive and it spent a good two years RIGHT by my ladyparts.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Prada, birches!

Yes, that says birches, I would never call you the other "b" word! Ha! Are you ready to be disappointed in the $700 worth of Prada that I got for FREE? Here it is:

Viva la excellentmedical insurance!

off the wagon, but looking good in the ditch

Ok, so remember when I vowed to stop the madness and not thrift shop until I posted everything I have for my etsy in the store, and wore everything I have never worn, and fixed and wore everything in the sewing pile... 

I fell off the wagon. Just a little! Ok, ok, you're on or you're off the wagon, and now I'm off. But, I shall dust myself off and get back on. That being said, I am still proud. That was about a month ago and there is a reason I was at the thrift store. I had to go to the Mall of America to get the PRADA(!!) and I did not shop there. (Re:PRADA - I'll show you tonight... once again, I must say, prepare to be disappointed, it's nothing epic.) I was at the largest possible mall, and I went in and out. No browsing, no shopping, not a dime did I spend. However, there is a rather fab thrift store on the way from the mall to my house that I never get to go to because I never really get down that far south of the city. I HAD to stop to make the trip worth it... or something. Hey, leave me alone conscience, I'm still on Vicodin, I've sewn and worn a lot of the pile and tomorrow I have the day off and will update the etsy!!!!!!

Besides, aren't these worth falling, hell, leaping off the wagon for? Ok, fine! I also bought a perfectly worn and buttery brown leather jacket, a children's light colored denim jacket, and like six vintage slips.

Annnd, of course I wore them both immediately. Together:
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Dress - inherited from sister (The Limited)
Elephant belt - thrifted
Gold tights - crazy $2 outlet store
Boots - thrifted Bellofatto

Oh, and I'll get around to the Phillip Lim outfit and some more Vicodin Style posts soon. Minneapolis decided to get all negative degrees on me, so I lost the desire to attempt a spring look!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Spring Inspirations, Vicodin style" 3.1 Phillip Lim

Oh yes, click to see and read and love! I'm off to try to construct an outfit using this inspiration (which will be hard... I don't own many neutrals!) Click the photo to see it bigger and actually be able to read the text!

Bye, lovelies (and no mocking my wicked Photoshop skillz)!

I'm itchy!

Hmm... being on Vicodin at work makes me loopy! Which is fine, I'm sure the kids didn't notice other than I was a little sillier than usual (which is pretty silly anyway). Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my job? Anyway, I decided to finally wear this skirt I made out of a dress a while ago. I found this horrible dress at a thrift store for $2-3. It was either Jones NY or Liz Claiborne. It had a mock turtleneck and dolman batwing sleeves... ickers! So, six months later, this skirt was born. Click to enlarge and appreciate it's cumberbun (cummerbund? what's the proper word? I never know!) waistline and draped skirt. Woo! 

Cardigan - thrifted at Fake Target
Blouse - thrifted vintage
Skirt - dress altered by me
Shoes - Michael Kors

NEWS! I'm gonna have a new series of little posts coming up, called "Spring Inspirations, Vicodin style." I'm all hopped up on elbow-relievers and everything is too painful to do except look at style.com! Let's ignore all this Fall hoo-ha and focus on the stuff that came down the runway for this spring! I'll only put up the designers whose collections I like and are my style (sorry Ann Demeulemeester and Comme des Garçons - I just can't pull you off... few can.) I'll try to get to as many designers as I can, and will even style some outfits for myself based on the designers overall look for Spring '09! Get excited! I'm itchy! (due to the Vicodin)

another week?!?!

Have I ever linked to my flickr here? Well, there it is. Let's be friends. I love it. There are so many nice people there (and some pervs, but whatevs, I block/ignore them.) I am trying out this blogging from flickr thing, cause I like how you can put notes on things. So if you're interested in finding out what all this crap by my front door is, click the pic and look away! (well, assuming I kinda know what I'm doing and this works...)

Ok, so I went to the Dr and now I have to wait a week to find out what is going on with the elbow. Boo. However, this time I did not resist her efforts to put me on Vicodin. I'm done with the pain, time for the loopy drugs. I feel much better about it already.

In much more exciting news, I... now... own... PRADA! I'll post about it ASAP, and it's nothing too epic, but hey, I got myself $700 worth of Prada for FREE! Really, you are all going to be disappointed when you see it, but whatevs, I'm pretty pumped. That same day I also got these Michael Kors two strap mary-janes on clearance at DSW for $30!
Score! I am not a fan of going to the Mall of America, but I went with some friends on Saturday. We went to a few stores, had a few drinks at some terrible theme restaurants, it wasn't bad for being the MOA on a weekend. Will resume wearing clothes tomorrow. I was too grouchy and pain-filled to bother taking a picture this morning. Who knows, this Vicodin thing may put me in the mood to dress nuts again!

Friday, March 6, 2009

the mad hatter (you know, mad like hats make me ANGRY)

So here is how I wore the newly spruced up jacket today:
Jacket - it was cheap on etsy, I won't mention the store because I was not a fan. Yeah, it was cheap, but when I got it the inside is all torn up from where they pulled out the shoulder pads. Hmm... should you maybe mention to potential buyers that there are gaping holes in the lining??? I think so.
White tank - little boys Fruit of the Loom
Pants - thrifted The Limited
Shoes - Doc Marten's (inherited from sister about 10 years ago)

Now that that's out of the way, something unexpected happened today... I've always thought that girls who wear hats are CRAZY (I don't know why, but whenever I see a girl wearing a hat, I always assume they are a headcase. I just don't enjoy a hat. Well, maybe the fox fur busby, but that's a whole nother thing... I just don't wear hats indoors, maybe that's it. And there was that unfortunate kooky Blossom hat phase in 7th grade... okay, I'm getting off topic here-- the topic is "Christine does not wear hats.") So, I've thrifted some great fascinator style hats lately like these two floral numbers I sold on my etsy (seriously these fascinators sold in like 5 seconds. These babies are HOT right now!)

I found two more for a couple bucks each. I was totally planning on selling them. I was going to put them on my etsy right now, since I'm still dealing with the mutant elbow and can't try on a million things to photograph for the store. BUT!!! I want to keep this one. It's navy blue and looks like it's made of licorice ropes! I want to keep it. I want to wear it. Like this. (Oh, and the bling on it is a clip-on earring I threw on it, not part of the hat.) 

Hat - thrifted (with thrifted clip-on earring attached)
Cardigan - Target
T-shirt - Target
Heart necklace - Claire's (it was from when I was Little Orphan Annie for Halloween two years ago)
Long necklace - inherited from Mom
Pants - thrifted The Limited
Shoes - thrifted Anne Taylor LOFT

For some reason, this outfit makes me feel like Rooster's girlfriend in Annie. Anyone?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

janky arm update...

Well my elbow exploded, but life goes on. It is doing better (that's better not good. BIG difference.) I stayed home from work today in case the stripe expanded outside the elbow drawing and had to get an MRI. Luckily it has stayed the same size, has gotten slightly less puffy and fat, and a little less purple. Whoo! I even managed to spruce up this blazer I've had forever and never worn. It's an odd cut, an odd length, and it still is but now has big brushed brass buttons! They are half spheres, even though the lighting makes them look flat (I assure you, they are big round half spheres). I also made TONS of chicken tortilla soup, which took a while with only one arm. I also managed to take a shower, which was also an adventure with one arm.

I finished altering this little overall thingie. It was a size XL but SO SHORT. I sucked a few sizes out of it, and threw on an outfit... which was painful to do. I couldn't resist though. I doubt I'll wear it like this, but will wear it some way once it gets nice out. This is just a little too "the pig farmer's daughter" looking for me, but I'll figure out how to rock it properly once I can take clothes on and off without extreme pain. Note the hair being down. My elbow hurts too much to try to put it up and I can't do it one handed. Oh well, I don't wear it down nearly enough. I'm going to try to leave it down more often. Let the red fro fly!
I'm hoping to go to work tomorrow and get in to see an orthopedist about the janky arm soon. Laterz!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

woe is me

Jacket - thrifted (it had horrible pointy GOLD SUNS as buttons, I swapped them out for some leather buttons I had laying around, and also put them on an angle, for a more fitted look)
Ribbon rose pin - $2 impulse purchase at Jo-Ann Fabrics last night, what can I say? It was near the register.
Navy T-shirt - Target
Pants - thrifted Express
Shoes - ? Got them in London when I was 16, they are slowly disintegrating.

Me this morning vs. me this evening. On Monday night, while drying my hair post-shower, I felt a weird "twang" in my elbow. It hurt, but after a few minutes it was fine. Yesterday, my elbow was a little sore, but pretty fine. This morning, it was killing me. Went to work anyway cause, well, I'm a trooper. It kept getting more and more sore, then my hand went numb and my whole forearm was tingling. I went in the bathroom and took off the blazer and looked at my elbow. It was big! and fat! and had a big red stripe on it! So yeah, after work I spent FOUR HOURS in urgent care with a puffy red elbow, the constant feeling of "I just whacked my funny bone", a numb hand, and lots of pain. AND I get to go back for more tests! Cellulitis? Pinched ulnar nerve? Cyst? Who knows?!? But I got some pain pills, antibiotics, a sling, a complex drawing on my elbow and instructions to come back if the redness swells outside the drawing. hmm... And, it's happened before, only it was in my forearm, but still the same arm! So, in other words, any one want my left arm? I'm looking to unload it...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Mother, the Fiddler, and the Wendy

The amazing @wesome @bby sent me a package! With this shirt, a sweater, and a lipgloss! Thank you again! Yesterday's look:

Blazer - thrifted in little boys section
Silk shirt - gift from @wesome @bby
Necklace - pocket watch from a garage sale, chain from thrift store
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Boots - Bumper

Today I am wearing the crazy mystery ruffle (I have no idea how it's supposed to be worn... I just attached it into a loop) and some way too big for me shorts. Hmm, don't have much to say today. Spent the whole weekend with the family in town, so didn't get much accomplished other than a massive "mom clean" of the house before they arrived. Did some sewing last night, I'll post the results soon. It's just so time consuming and I need to go buy some more colors of thread, but by the time I realized that, it was 9pm. Oops!
Giant ruffle - thrifted at Fake Target (I have no idea how it's supposed to be worn, I just attached it in a loop like this)
T-shirt - Target
Shorts - Paul & Joe for Target
Tights - Target (what a Target filled outfit!)
Shoes - next (DSW clearance)

Sorry for the short absence. The mom and an aunt and a cousin came to town for the weekend. We went to see Fiddler on the Roof, the farewell performance of Topol!!! It was amazing! I am such a sucker for musicals! I almost died when he stared doing the "if I were a rich man" dance!

Oh, and DO NOT under any circumstances go check out the Built by Wendy sample sale, ending today. It's dangerous. But SOOOOOO cheap for her stuff!


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