"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): August 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes I'm Daisy Duke, sometimes I'm a boy scout

I feel like a less sexy version of Daisy Duke...
Shirt - inherited from aunt
Shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - vintage from www.allerretour.etsy.com Check out those houndstooth soles!

Cold, rain, tornadoes?!?!
T-shirt - Bitten by SJP
Skirt - thrifted Calvin Klein
Sandals - Old Navy

Shirt - thrifted vintage Boy Scout uniform (!!!!)
Dress - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Boots - thrifted Colin Stewart

I wore this on Friday to see a friend's band at a new bar in town... SINGLE LADIES - here is my recommendation to you - GO FIND A VINTAGE BOYSCOUT SHIRT. I've never been hit on so much in my life and I was there with my boyfriend and four other guys. I think it's just because it gave them an "in" - you know, "Oh, I used to be a boy scout. It looked just like that, etc. Where did you get it? etc."

So, it is my birthday on Wednesday, I will be 28. I'm bartending in the morning (hoping I make some extra tips?) and then doing a BBQ, watch the Twins, drink Mojitos and sit on the porch party. I usually do my birthday stuff on a weekend but I just want a low key thing with just 15-20 friends not a crazy party full of friends of friends and feeling like I have to run around and be the hostess.

Last year a bunch of the boys grew beards all August and then shaved them down into creative mustaches on my birthday (I also had fake mustaches for the ladies and for the fellas whose jobs prevent them from growing crazy mustaches)... I don't know how it all started but my Augustache party was fun but just too much work and too many people!

So have a lovely week all, I'll try to post about the birthday shenanigans on Friday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a wedding and drunk locals

Hey all! Crazy crazy couple of weeks here, South Dakota then camping then Twins charity event, rehearsal dinner, wedding and now finally a "normal" week! Except a few small tornadoes hit Minneapolis today, luckily my place is fine and so far no deaths reported, just a lot of felled trees and broken windows around.

On a happier note, here is what I wore to Kai and Sarah's wedding on Saturday!

Dress - thrifted Target SAMPLE (a whopping $1.50)
Bracelets - mostly thrifted, one from World Market
Purse - thrifted (Bakelite handle - LOVES IT!)
Shoes - Michael Kors

Lookie how cute they are (and SERIOUSLY the nicest people I know, like crazy nice GOOD people and I feel so lucky to know and love them!)

I never posted camping pics so here are a few, one of the days had bad weather (just misty rainy all day) so we spent the night in the Wahkon Inn (the name of the town is Wahkon, get it?!?) singing karaoke. We were the HIT OF THE TOWN! The locals loved us and the fact that a few of us can actually sing (like JRod - he was a musical theater major). They literally BOOED when we had to leave. It was SO SO fun!

It is raining so we shotgun a beer after lunch (why not?!?)

Playing a Peruvian dice game to pass time.

Claire, Chris and I singing "Islands in the Stream" Chris and I sang the Kenny Rogers parts because I have a deep voice (the other day a member at the golf club said "Don't you just love her voice? It's like Kathleen Turner.") Boo, deep voice... but I've come to accept it.

Chris and I sang "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" This time I sung the lady parts.

Umm, don't know what we're singing here??

This crazy fellow was our BIGGEST FAN! He wanted to give us all a hug and um, dance rather um, closely... JRod is a fabulous singer but wanted no part of the screaming fans.

All in all, it was a fun time! I LOVE to sing!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cute, cute baseball players

Tomorrow and Wednesday I will finally have time to read everyone's blogs and comment and put up a real post here (and hopefully update the etsy) day! In the meantime, I will leave you with me... and a boatload of the Minnesota Twins baseball team!

Michael Cuddyer (we got our picture taken for the Twins Twitter page and he said "Oh no, this picture's gonna get me in trouble with the wife, you are too cute!" WHAT?!?! Oh yeah!)

Orlando Cabrera...

Jason Kubel...

Mike Redmond...

Nick Punto and Brendan Harris...

Scott Baker...


Seriously, I could barely contain myself! I also came away with three autographed balls, one I bought in the charity auction (I figured I HAD to spend some money, since my $100 entry ticket was free) and then I WON TWO MORE. How? There were some rich drunk people yelling at a security guard when he was just doing his job. I witnessed it and told him he was cool and doing a good job and that those people were just "leathery tan assholes." On the way out of the event, everyone got a goody bag that had a bunch of crap in it and a baseball. Justin Morneau had signed a few of the balls. The security guard was handing everyone a bag on the way out and when he saw me and my date, he carefully selected some from one corner, then said "Aren't you going to look and see if you got a signed one?" And so we looked and WE BOTH GOT ONE! Thank you Mr. Security Guard. Lesson of the day kids, be nice to the staff!

P.S. My friend Matt, aka my date, doesn't care about baseball and didn't want his ball. I reminded him it was our friend JRod's birthday and I was on my way to see him, so he got Matt's ball. The one I bought went to my friend Kai at his rehearsal dinner before his wedding this weekend. The third I'm keeping!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok so I got tagged by Sher and Martina, and they are both for 7 things... so here are 14 things!

1. I have four jobs #1 = school nurse #2 = waitress and bartender on weekends and in the summer #3 = dan the man, my special needs buddy who will be in my life forever #4 my etsy, which isn't really a job, but it is a lot of work and pays well.

2. I love my job and none of it really grosses me out (the puke, the blood, the snot, the lice) EXCEPT when kids wiggle their bloody loose teeth in front of me. Ickers.

3. The single proudest I've ever been of myself was when I ran down the guy who mugged me, wearing wedge platform sandals and a skirt, and got my purse back.

4. I'm a bit of a fainter. It doesn't happen often but thank you and sorry to all my friends that have caught me on the way down. The last time it happened I was in Chicago on the El train platform, luckily I know right before it happens and was able to warn my friends so they caught me and prevented me from being hit by the approaching train.

6. 90% of my friends are boys. I've been issued an honorary penis.

7. I'm right handed. My mom is left handed. As a result of her teaching me things as a child, I do a LOT of things with my left hand and am often told I do things "wrong" like tying my shoes - cause I do it lefty!

8. I read a LOT of books. Probably 3-4 a month. A lot of them are read at work. It's awesome.

9. Yes my hair is naturally red and curly. No, I'm not Irish.

10. I've had surgery on my ears five times... my right ear has been acting up and being crazy for the last month... I've been putting off going to the doctor because I know something is wrong and I don't want to deal with it again. I know, I need to man up and just go and accept the facts.

11. If I had to pick only one album to listen to for the rest of my life it would be In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk hotel.

12. One author? Kurt Vonnegut (sorry, I CAN'T narrow it down to one book)

13. I don't have the attention span for movies. Even if they're really good and I like them, it's just hard to sit there for so long.

14. I've been wearing the same necklace every day for about five years. It's a cut coin of a seahorse from Singapore. I've only taken it off once or twice (like for my sisters wedding... although I did put it back on at the reception.)

There you go kids, and I tag EVERYONE (cheating I know!) Tell me when you do it and I'll read it, I love learning about everyone's little quirks!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fashion poll time!

Let's say I'm the kinda girl who knows people who know people and as a result have tickets to Justin Morneau's Casino Night... and for those of you who aren't baseball nuts like me, he is the hot shit player of the Minnesota Twins, you know, who won the 2008 Home Run Derby? Anyway, the attire is... business dress. What? Okay, I kinda get it, somewhere between a sundress and wedding attire. So, we have two options

Option #1 is dark brown, silk, handmade, and here is how I would wear it

Dress - thrifted
Brooch - my great aunt's - from the 1930s
Ribbon - off a present my sister gave me
Purse - Nine West
Shoes - Jessica Simpson (I know, I know, but seriously, she makes some cute shoes!)

Option #2 is my favorite dress, in case you couldn't tell because I wore it twice in one month! Here is how I wore it the first two times, and would probably wear the new shoes that I am wearing in outfit #1 and then some necklace and little purse... sorry I don't have a picture of the exact outfit but you get the idea?

So, which one? EVERYONE vote by tomorrow afternoon and then hopefully I will have some pictures to show you of me and some BASEBALL PLAYERS! Seriously in such squealing utter delight right now...

P.S. Tomorrow I plan on finally reading and commenting on everyone's blogs and putting up a real post and passing on my tags... my life is insanity to the max in the best way possible with no end in sight until school starts after Labor Day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

cute camping

#1 Go read Style Sample Magazine, well at least the last page... There is me! Talking about how I justified buying a $200 watch when I have no need for a watch at all!

#2 I've been drawing cartoons while I bartend. Don't worry, they are rough sketches for a dental school custom t-shirt order...

it's going to be by far the biggest order I've ever filled so it's going to be a CRAZY August. Surprise, surprise.

#3 I have the best friends. Last night I went to go see a play called Sarah, Your Ovaries Are Drying Up: The Musical! Which was awesome! And hilarious! And I'm so blessed to have such consistently inspiring and creative people in my life so I get to see cool things, like singing and dancing ovaries!

#4 I have only been back in town for three days, and here I go again! Leaving in about a half hour to go sailing camping! Whoo! Here's what I'm wearing now:

However most of the weekend I'll be wearing this oxford shirt over a bikini on a navy blue sailboat! I think oxford shirt + bikini = mayor of Sexy Town. I've also brought my camping staples: Shredded Wheat, Cheerios, lots of water, Miller Lite. What can I say? I'm too lazy for that whole BBQ thing (all those buns and meats and condiments, no thanks! I'll stick to dry cereal!) See yaaaaaaaaas!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Driving in the dark

I'm back, a little poorer, a lot the wiser about the glory that is South Dakota (surprising! I know!) First, let me throw a couple of Minneapolis outfits at you:

Fancy pants dinner with a very old friend:

Dress - Express, 12 years ago
Belt - made by me, look at the last post for info
Shoes - Michael Kors

Drinks with a friend who surfed my couch for a few days while in town for a wedding:

Dress - Isaac Mizrahi for Target SAMPLE
Pocketwatch - garage sale, I added the chain
Shoes - thrifted

Watching baseball...
Striped dress vest thing - thrifted
White eyelet dress - thrifted
Headband - ??? had it like 15 years
Bracelet - World Market belt
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

I'll do a full South Dakota report soon, I need to get a buttload of pictures from Ben. In the mean time, I'll in throw one picture of each member of SoDak RoadTrip Crew '09.

Ryan, in a cave:

Peter wanted to fit in with all the motorcycle rally guys, so he bought this $4 shirt and $1 bandana before we went out gambling in Deadwood:

I imitated and molested many, many predential statues, including this one of Thomas Jefferson:

We just arrived into town at 6am this morning after driving 10 hours, so I need to go bartend then sleeeeeeeep.


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