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Monday, February 15, 2010

I love my friends

Hey kids! Thanks to a little thing called "President's Day," I have the day off! Hooray! I'll being doing very exciting things like filing my taxes and working on screens for shirts!

I had the funnest weekend ever! Friday night the boy and I went over to my friend Matt's house and we were total Olympic nerds. Do you watch the Olympics? I LOVE them. I don't know why, I'm not super into sports, all the athletes just have such fascinating stories (you know, all the single mothers moving across the country to support their child's dream, so many injuries and surgeries and set-backs, I just get sucked in!)  We decided to try to play Scrabble while watching, but after I got 7 consonants, we decided to play with 9 tiles, and I was in no better shape:

Saturday we went sledding! The boy and I, Matt, Jim, and Megan went to Theodore Wirth Park! They have a giant hill with a tow rope up to the top. Sometimes there was a line for the tow rope, so we walked to the top about 15 times, which was exhausting. We raced, we had contests, we crashed and laughed and had the best time ever. Around 6pm it was getting dark and we were starving so we left to go to a diner to get burgers, fries, and milkshakes! About 10 more friends came to the boy's house to drink wine and watch the Olympics which was hilarious and awesome.
I didn't take any photos while sledding because it seemed like a bad idea to take electronics out into the violent snowy sledding excursion... here we are back at the car, ready to go eat!

Sunday was Valentine's Day. I don't hate the holiday, but I also don't really feel the need to go out to a crowded dinner with all the other couples trying to be romantic. My friend Bridget is a resident artist at a sculpture park in Wisconsin so the boy and I and our friend Chris drove an hour to see their iron pour. It was freezing and windy but interesting. I definately want to go back this summer when it's warm out!

So many neat sculptures!

This is our friend's sculpture, it's gigantic and you are supposed to play on it (there are bridges and tunnels and swings!)
The three of us went out to dinner at Nacho Mamas (a Mexican food place in Stillwater) and drove home to watch more Olympics! Guess what I'm doing all week long? More Olympics. I'm hooked!


The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Those sculptures are really cool! Your friends is huge! I laughed when I read about Nacho Mama's because we have one here too and I love it. It can't be a chain but just funny that it has the same name.

Mikkel said...

the last one is AMAZING!

myedit said...

I'm ridiculously drawn in by the Olympics as well. I think that I'm super competitive and my non-athletic self secretly wishes to be out there kicking athletci ass. Oh well, since shopping is my best sport, I will resort to lots of Olympic coverage watched from my comfy couch instead.


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