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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Part-time nutcracker

I found this Pendleton cardigan at a thrift store forever ago, but it was really boxy and too big. I was going to put it up on etsy, but decided to try to hand-felt it to shrink it... and it turned out awesome! I was tempted to block it so it was longer, but I decided to just let it shrink up and be a cropped length... I'm so happy with how it turned out and it didn't take very long!
Cardigan - thrifted Pendleton  (hand-felted by me)
Dress - thrifted Target sample
Watch - Michael Kors
Gold bangle - thrifted
Shoes - Seychelles

New shoes on sale from Overstock.com... I realized that I do have two pairs of closed toe black heels, but one pair are sling-backs and the other pair are satin, so neither one is very practical for winter. I think these will be a very valuable and versatile addition to my shoe repertoire! "Shoe repertoire??" I'm a nerd!


Katrina said...

You look totally awesome in that cardi. I'm curious to know how/what you meant by felting it to shrink it.

And those brogues are awesome.

futurelint said...

I've never felted a garment before so I did some google snooping beforehand...Felting is done with 100% wool items (well, I've heard you can do it with 90% etc, but the more wool the better it works!) You can do it in the washing machine, but you have little control over the results... I did mine by hand in the sink - you use warm water to shrink a little, hot to shrink a lot, add some laundry soap and just start rubbing the sweater up against itself, and it starts to look like felt... the fibers stick together and shrink up! When it looked about the right side I layed it out to dry... I wanted to shrink it a bit more so I threw it in the dryer with some dry towels and it turned out great!

Sal said...

WOW, the felting experiment turned out fabulously!


That is such acute outfit!
adore the vivid blue as well~

CAITLIN said...

oh my gosh! that is so incredibly precious i want to steal it. also, i 100% support the necessity of a winter-friendly basic black shoe... well played :)

Julia said...

Wow, amazing. Really! :)


overcaffeinated said...

That cardigan is gorgeous. I adore the colour and the band details. The shoes are awesome, and definitely, a good addition to your shoe collection.

Melrose said...

that's such a neat trick, and it turned out fabulously!

I'll have to remember that one!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love that jacket and your shoes are so cute - looks comfy too!

sarah said...

Amazing job on the jacket! It's adorable! Looove your blog.


Sidewalk Chalk said...

You look amazing in this cardigan -- love the beautiful jewel tone. Great DIY felting job -- I had no idea you could do that to wool. It fits you perfectly!

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Clare said...



meena meena said...

wow i love the idea of felting a wool sweater! it probably makes it a little warmer,too. pretty,pretty!


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