"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): July 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cheep, cheep

Jacket - thrifted
Tank - little boys Fruit of the Loom
Skirt - made of an old man's boxer shorts (yeah, yeah... I know...)
Sandals - Roxy

Thursday - so far, my summer involves wearing waaaaay too many bangles. I enjoy the clacking noise as I'm typing student immunization records for next year. Click. Clack.
Dress - thrifted
Bangles - thrifted, flea markets
Shoes - thrifted Nine West

I might be back on the blog on a more regular basis before school starts... I've been busy for a few weeks. I just finished (as in 2 minutes ago!) my t-shirt order for the Walker Arts Center Gift Shop. Little ol'me. In a modern art museum. 288 individually placed graphics, 288 graphics heat-set. DONE! Let's all do a little jig! Well, after I deliver them tomorrow at 3pm...

P.S. Only working 4 hours a day for only 6 weeks this summer has been endlessly relaxing and fun, but also, I'm ridiculously cheap now! I guess as a "fashion blogger" I should make a big deal about it, and how I'm on a "shopping ban" (which would be a "thrifting ban" for me I guess)  but I haven't bought anything, except for groceries, since June. I went to a few flea markets in early June with my mom, but otherwise, I've been on "OMG LET'S SEE HOW LITTLE MONEY I CAN SPEND AND ISN'T THIS A FUN GAME" mode since school got out. Seriously I'm enjoying it an insane amount.  Who knew being cheap could be so much fun?!?! Hmm, let's hope it sticks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My, oh, my I am terrible at this whole blogging thing in the summer. Also, ignore the general sweatyness, I am one of those crazy people who still goes running and refuses to turn on their a/c (even though the heat index was 105 the other day...)

Saturday... went to a friend's going away party :(
Dress - Isaac Mizrahi for Target SAMPLE
Necklace - some shop in Seoul, Korea
Shoes - Charles David

Dress - Nine West
Necklaces - thrifted
Bangles - thrifted, flea markets
Shoes - Charles David
Shoe clips - vintage via eBay

Shirt - thrifted Banana Republic 
Necklaces - thrifted
Bangles - thrifted, flea markets
Skirt - vintage via www.stephaniegeisler.etsy.com
Shoes - thrifted Candies

If you guys don't hate me for abandoning you, dear internetz, you should go vote for my entry in bluefly.com's Closet Confessions... yes, the most outrageous thing in my closet is a giant sleeping shirt from the '80s with an all over tiger print and GIANT TIGER HEAD on it... and I just rock it on the regular. Out in public and whatnot. Lemme know if you enter and I'll vote for you too!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Neon tribal fashion

I found this severely pleated piece of fabric in a thrift store in the "Halloween Accessories" section last October... yep right there next to the pirate eye-patches and cowboy hats. I have no idea what it's supposed to be but I finally sewed the ends together, added an elastic waist, and made a skirt! Yes, I put off this 30 minute project for 9 months. The point is, it's done and it's awesome!
T-shirt - Target 
Skirt - thrifted and sewed by me
Shoes - vintage Coach via www.burgerfoot.etsy.com
I was worried about riding my bike in it because it's so voluminous, but it was fine! 

Part Missoni Resort '11

Part Marc Johns' The Highlighter Kids
And hopefully no part Ke$ha

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ahh, I remember it like it was yesterday

Ok, as promised, some outfits of the day, from some days ago...

Friday... I'm not crazy about this dress but always get a ton of compliments on it, so I've kept it. It's just like a little too fancy to be casual and too casual to be fancy. And I know, I'm supposed to hate flip flops and be all "No, never. Never okay to wear the flops. Not even to the beach. I wear stilettos to the beach." But I love the flop. They knock this bitch of a dress off it's high horse and make it less "garden wedding?"
Hair scarf - thrifted
Navy necklace - thrifted
Dress - Allen B (JC Penny super-clearance I think?)
Navy flip flops - Old Navy

Monday... I'm not thrilled with this outfit, but I'm not about to get up early on a Monday to put too much thought into an ensemble I wear for four hours of work before I rip it off and put on a bathing suit. So, it's ok, but I know I could improve it...
Hair thingie - belt off a dress
Pin - a necklace from Modcloth I dismantled
T-shirt - Target
Pants - thrifted
Shoes - Colin Stuart via Ross

Wednesday... I love this shirt. Normally I would NEVER wear these shorts to work, but everything is just soooo casual at summer school, I feel okay in them!
Bangles - thrifted
Watch - Michael Kors
Shirt - thrifted Liz Clairborne
Shorts - American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes - thrifted Nine West

The boy upon seeing my shirt, "What's on your shirt? Sea anemone? Urchins? Pasta? Koosh balls?"
Me, "Um, some kind of bows maybe? I don't know, I'm mostly in it for the graphic navy and white."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the good times are killing me

Hmm, I'll throw up another post tomorrow with a few outfits I've skipped on here... I'd apologize, but I'm not sorry and I'm probably not going to do any better for the rest of the summer.  (whoops!) I'm off having too much fun to document it all here... so we'll aim for like two posts a week instead of the usual five, just so I don't disappear altogether and can look back on some things to remember what I did with my Summer of Freedom '10!
Hair scarf - thrifted
Cream tank - Target
Black tank - little boys Fruit of the Loom
Skirt - thrifted, shortened, vintage doilies added by me
Shoes - Charles David

Awesome giraffe print scarf:

Vintage doilies I sewed on the skirt:

Bye kids, I was going to do a real post, but I've got grown-up "commitments" to get to... I'm committed to getting some skin damage at the pool with my buddy Matt in about 10 minutes... I'm also scheduled to dominate him in some aquatic Nerf football and read a few chapters of our book club book before heading off to yet another Twins game... such is life.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Guh, it has been so hot and humid here, I can't even pretend to write something. It was so humid yesterday, my SMOKE ALARM went off (I googled it, apparently it can happen if it is like 90% humidity for such an extended amount of time that water condenses on the circuit board)... I broke down and turned on the a/c after that...

Wednesday -

Hair scarf - scrap of leftover fabric
Blouse - Cynthia Rowley
Shorts - thrifted
Sandals - Unisa

Today -

Hair scarf - thrifted
Shirt - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Skirt - thrifted vintage
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

I'm gonna go take a cold shower... I think I lost 5 pounds of water by running 3 miles today. Guh.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Duck, Duck, Cute!

Monday... aka the first day summer school... aka the start of my "grueling" four hour days!
I think if I had to pick one "go-to" dress, this would be it! It just makes me feel good on days I can't deal with the closet monster... although this dress did get me in trouble one day. I was in a very backwoods antique store in Wisconsin with the boy when a huge bug flew at me! I started freaking out when it flew down my dress! I grabbed the zipper and just yanked! So there I was, dress unzipped below my belly button and excitedly brushing at my collarbone and screaming! I flicked the bug off and looked up to see the old half-toothless owner and another male shopper just staring at me in the aisle. Yeah, time to zip up and go.
Cardigan - thrifted
Dress - thrifted
Shoes - Unisa

Another easy "go-to" dress!
Dress - vintage via www.santokivintage.etsy.com
Bangles - thrifted
Shoes - thrifted Nine West

In other exciting news... I opened a new etsy shop! The Roof is on Fire - Vintage Homegoods and Hand-screened Art! My poor little condo is just too stuffed with amazing little cute things, so it's time to let a few of them find new homes! Plus I'm starting a line of hand screenprinted art! So far I just have one listed, but will add more once I get more canvas! Plus I can do custom colors to match your decor! Yay for cute, unique, pretty, rad, cheap, awesome, fun home things!

Friday, July 9, 2010

water on the brain

Dress - thrifted, shortened by me
Necklace - flea market in WI
Hair scarf - scrap of leftover fabric
Shoes -Dezario

Dress - Free People (worn inside out)
Heart necklace - thrifted
Sandals - Old Navy

Today I am rolling in a bathing suit and kimono all day. Sitting by pool, reading book for now. Will go sailing with the boy and two friends at 5pm. Christine = water baby.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The wonder that is South Dakota

Well after 3 weeks and 3 little vacations, I am back! Summer school starts on Monday, so I'll be back to regular posting and commenting! Plus, I'm only working 8am to 12pm, so I'll still have plenty of free time to enjoy my summer for once! Yay!

Last week I went to Rapid City, South Dakota - the boy's hometown. No trip to S. Dakota is complete without a stop at Wall Drug:

We went to Chapel in the Hills, a Norwegian Stave Church, which was amazing! The whole thing is made of wood and there are no nails or screws, just wooden pegs to hold it all together! It was beautiful!

We climbed up Turtle Rock, which is a big steep rock that has an awesome view of the Black Hills. It was pretty scary to climb, the whole rock is about a 60 degree angle going up! Actually, going down was much scarier! Can you spot Mt Rushmore from the view at the top?

We went cliff jumping at "hippie hole" which is awesome! You have to hike down through the woods and across many boulders for about a half hour until you reach the cliff. The cliff was made when two giant boulders fell off the top of the ridge and the weight of them broke open an old mine. Now there is a 30 foot waterfall you jump off, and land in the water in the old mine. It was pretty awesome!

We went to Dinosaur Park around midnight one night. It has a bunch of big dinosaurs that were constructed in the 1930's to drum up tourism for Rapid City when people came to visit Mt Rushmore. Since they are so old, the names and features of the dinosaurs are wrong but I love them! Even the one that bit my head off...
We also went to "The Devil's Bathtub" which was also an insanely long and hard hike to an awesome pool in a freezing cold river, saw Crazy Horse, ate at a pirate restaurant for the boy's 29th birthday, and had many BBQs and picnics!

We stayed until the morning of July 4 (the boy's birthday!) and drove the 9 hours back to Minneapolis. My friend Matt had a BBQ before we headed down to the Mississippi River to see the fireworks. Then we went to the "10 Second Film Festival" at the Soap Factory.
I had a blast but now I must go take care of my giant pile of laundry, bills, and the fact that the fridge has been totally empty for weeks. I'm actually kind of excited to get back to a regular routine, traveling so much is so fun but also stressful!


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