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Thursday, May 29, 2008

gloomy day

It has been so grey all day, I'd rather that it just storm. Anyway, here is the outfit of the day

and also I made my first sale on

my etsy!

Unfortunately it was not one of my shirts, but I have sold quite a few of those on


Anyway, I sold this vintage sailor dress
to a girl in NYC who collects them... so good for her, good for me. I'll be posting a lot more vintage clothes and accessories in the shop tomorrow, so check it out. And, I'm cheap about shopping, so I make it cheap for you too... nothing over $30. Toodle-ooo!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

cheap sunglasses

Inspired by
Daddy Likey

and her funny post about the Disposers vs. Investors (in sunglasses of course) I have to post and brag about my cheap (cost) yet expensive (to someone years before they wound up on my face) sunglasses. I have several pairs that I have found over the years but these are my faves... They were 80 cents at a thrift store and they are vintage Givenchy. Yes, yes y'all. GIVENCHY and 80 cents. And hilarious, and chic, and unique, and everything lovely and granny-like.
How someone did not break these is clear, you protect these babies, but why oh why would you GIVE AWAY these rose colored glasses? Anywhoo, their loss, my mega-gain. I LOVE them.

On other notes, here is how I left my house this morning and every morning all spring since it is somehow ALWAYS still in the 40's when I leave my house at 7am
And that jacket... why yes it is a
My mom and her closet and my raids on it are useless for 60's and 70's stuff, but whoa did she hold on to some 80's stuff and might still be wearing it if I didn't steal it and rock it harder. The back is even better...

so here is what was on under the coat since I was feeling a bit nautical? today

and the awesome puffy vintage braided belt


Now I just need Ryan to take me sailing for the first time this year (Yes, my BF has a sailboat, no he does not have a car, yes we do push it down the side-streets of uptown to Lake Calhoun). It is also navy in color and after Saturday's old leaves and nasty melted snow-water removal party, it is no longer disgusting from winter and ready to hit the high seas (or the ponds that they call lakes in MN). Ahoy, err, I'm off to walk the plank??? whatevs, bye!

the necklace saga

So years ago, at the Unique Thrift Store in NE Minneapolis, I found a little seahorse pendant for like $3. When I got it home I realized it was actually a cut coin. Some google snooping led to the realization that it was from Singapore. I wore that little necklace for about three years straight... until last Friday. I got home from work and realized it was gone! Chain broken, GONE! I whined to Ryan (the bf) about it and he understood, having just said goodbye to his signature red hat that had been with him for like 10 years and died awash in a sea of Johnny Walker inside the MOA (long story). Anyway, I had looked for a similar necklace on Ebay last year when my only two girl friends were moving (one to Boulder and one to Boston) because I wanted to get them one as a goodbye present and there were none. I looked again now cause I am NAKED without that little seahorse and there he was!!
He was $15 instead of $3 but I was so excited. He came in the mail the other day and boy is he just like his brother. The years on the coin are only a year off too ('71 instead of '70). If you are interested in one (or any other cut coins, there are a lot of cute ones from other countries) they are available


I will post again soon about my fun Memorial Day weekend but for now, ta ta!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

blah, blah, blog!

So instead of going to the Twin's game with the bf, I stayed home and sewed a skirt, seen here...
I like how it's super bright on the front and an olive green on the back. Not a bad way to spend like 2 hours. I also realized that I should move some of the stuff from behind my stairs, do I need an empty milk crate, a Coke crate full of photos, and an unhung Norwegian shelf in the background of every photo - no. Anywhoo, anyone who has $4,500 laying around should buy me this
from here

Oh, Kurt Vonnegut, you are my hero

I love Kurt Vonnegut and was so sad when he died last year (mostly cause I'd spent like a month trying to decide which $125 limited edition screenprint of his original work I should get. Trying not to be impulsive, I was looking them over and over and narrowing it down and changing my mind over and over. Then he died and all the prices went up to $500. No Vonnegut art for me. Boo. The day can be summed up by what the vice-principal of my school said to me on the day he died "I'm sorry that your guide dog died.") I regret not getting some of his art, not to sell and make the money, but because I will never have one now due to the money. Oh well, he's still my hero and I got a tattoo that represents some lines from one of his books (and I love it even more cause my friend Bennie tattooed it for me while I was laying on my couch. He just left to go serve in Africa for the Marines, so GO BENNY!). It is one of my least favorite books of his but I really like just one little part of it. I'll post it here one day. Everyone asks why I got it or what it means and I won't tell anyone the part of the book or even which book, I just tell them it's because of Kurt Vonnegut. Anyway, enough about Kurt. I am going to go ride my bike and get more freckles! YES!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

not so hot...

well, I haven't been doing too hot on the posting every day thing but oh well. I had a good weekend, BBQ on Friday, waitressing a wedding on Sat and then staying up until 6am, every Sunday I play baseball and we had like 18-20 people there! Nuts! I also went to a cool garage sale on Fri and the girl having it was from Morocco and had all this great stuff there. I got a wall hanging thing, a tiny rug, a summer bag to keep at Ryan's with biking/baseball stuff in it, and a wallet. Anywhoo, here is what I wore Friday


the best part is this belt that I made (and may make a few more to sell)

1/2 the belt shots for detail
Photobucket Photobucket

and here is what I wore today (favorite skirt ever!)


anyway, I also got some great prints from 20x200, which is awesome cheap art and every Tuesday and Wednesday they post new limited edition prints which sometimes sell out REALLY fast so I get all worried about missing something great and check it all the time at work. I bought one of these today ! Photobucket

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

day two

So last week I stumbled upon a bomb-ass garage sale that had a ton of upholstery fabric squares for 50cents and bought a bunch... I made my first purse out of a few pieces last night... I'm thinking I may try to make a few and sell them on my etsy. What do you think? Would you buy one (obviously they will all be different colors, sizes, etc) but this is just the first. What should I charge? Anywhoo, with all that sewing fun racing in my head I drove up to the northern 'burbs today to get some ribbons and zippers and some fabric to make myself skirts. I love to sew, but I hate how much time it takes. For example today I got home from work at around 3pm... what to do? I want to go for a bike ride since it is actually in the mid-60s for once, I want to go to the fabric outlet, I want to just sew another bag, I should do some laundry and vacuum my house, I need to screenprint a shirt for a friend's birthday, etc! I hate not having time to just fool around as long as I want. I am hoping to have more time this summer, but money is just a bummer since I don't have any. Anyway, here is my first bag...

it's around 6inches wide and 8 inches high, fully lined in red and with a pocket on the front and inside. The strap is long enough to wear across your body like a messenger bag (this is pretty much the only kind of purse I use, since I got mugged last year).

Anyway, I should go do one of those things on my list instead of blogging, so see you later and here is what I wore today (getting really sick of it being 40 degrees in the morning, thus all the layers everyday)
also the very important shoe close up (cause there is no way I would have destroyed my feet all day in these if they weren't so sweet and springy)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why hello there!

Well, I guess I am jumping on this whole blog bandwagon... yet another fashion, art, crafting, and just looking for loveliness everywhere type of deal. So... here is a little about me... I am 26 and work at an urban middle school, dealing with all the "bad" kids (aka they come visit me when they get kicked out of class or get in a fight, etc). I love it but am moving on after two years, I feel like I need something where I can be more creative and have less stress and drama. What is that new job? Who knows? Just starting to look. But I am lucky and have a summer job waitressing and bartending at a golf club for the summer til I figure it out. My first attempt at selling my creations is here
my etsy...

and yes, I am obviously the one with the red curly hair.

Here is what I wore today!

Til next time...


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