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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

They call me "the flash"

Hmm, I'm worried that from a distance this dress is too flesh-toned and I just look like a flasher...

Black dress - thrifted Patrick Robinson for Target
Dress - ModCloth (free thanks to Daddy Likey's Halloween Costume Chronicles contest last year!)
Belt - thrifted
Watch - Michael Kors
Shoes - MIA

Neckline detail:
Oh well! Sometimes, a girl just needs to dress like a flasher (now if only it was warm enough to be wearing a trench coat instead of a big winter wool coat...)

P.S. I miss my freckles. And my tan. But on the bright side, I think this is as pale as I can get, and in a month or so, the sun and thus my freckles, will arrive! Hooray!


Kimberly said...

Flash away, my dear - love this outfit!!

Sal said...

Nah, too much texture in that dress for you to be mistaken for a flasher. At least, that's my opinion!

EvaNadine said...

LMAO -- just read your halloween story over at daddy likey.
you are seriously my halloween idol -- i love getting dressed up, but my friends never really do. i would totally have been dancing the night away in that costume!

Fashion Therapist said...

No you do NOT look like a flasher...I love it (the dress, not flashers. I also think it's brilliant the way you're wearing the patrick robinson dress.

Sher said...

LOL! You're flashy, not a flasher :D Loving the feminine touch of the lace coat and ruffles at your neckline!

PS My problem is eating and NOT moving. ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if I could look this good; Id be a flasher too. Love that dress!!

I need to find one just like yours for the Spring time.



Tina said...

The neckline is darling, and you don't look like a flasher at all.

I also miss my freckles, but can't say I've ever been lucky enough to also have a tan. I'm jealous.

overcaffeinated said...

Gorgeous dress. I just adore that neckline.

Clare said...

Heehee, the flash! I love it! And I love this outfit, too.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Love the neckline. Also, the jacket is tres chic. Very mod.


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