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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Elephants, yellow sweaters, and bow-ties

Monday...worn to walk around two lakes with my special needs buddy. Then we went raspberry picking!
6-25-12 Brass elephant
Necklace - thrifted vintage
Shirt - thrifted newstock Target
Shorts - thrifted Old Navy
Sandals - Nine West Vintage America Collection

My new brass monkey elephant necklace... I found it at Arc's Value Village on half price day so it was only $2! And like every person I ran into that day complimented it... Yes, yes I am wearing a large brass elephant chest plate necklace.

Worn to... run errands, list etsy stuff, draw and make new t-shirt screens, etc. Basically what I do every day. This vintage cardigan is awesome, but I'm on the lookout for a vintage patch or letter to put on it to make it the best cardigan ever! Well, it might be impossible to out-cool this wolf one...
6-26-12 Yeller sweater
Sweater - thrifted vintage
T-shirt - Target
Shorts - thrifted Chip & Pepper
Sandals - Unisa

Well, there will be a few days of silence here on the blog. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning with my sister and Henrik to go back to my parent's house. My uncle (my dad's only brother) died extremely suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday morning. It's super sad because his wife, my Aunt Carol, died 2.5 years ago after a long battle with cancer. So my three cousins, who are age 19-25 have no parents now. I can't imagine what they are going through and it's gonna be a tough weekend. But at the same time, I'm excited to see my aunt from California who is coming back, I haven't seen her in 15 years! So, here goes nothin' and just so we don't end on a terrible note... here's what I'll be looking at in the car for 6 hours... Henrik. He's not wearing a bow tie in this photo, he was chewing on that blue dog-bone shaped toy and it fell out of his mouth and landed like a perfect bow tie. Ha!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A loooong birthday weekend

Nate's best friend, Blake, was in MN from Vermont this week because his sister's baby was due. She gave birth few days early so he came over to Minneapolis for the weekend for Nate's birthday! Here's what I wore out Friday night when we went to see some local bands then have a backyard bonfire...
6-22-12 Wrangler.
Shirt - thrifted vintage Wrangler
Skirt - American Apparel
Sandals - thrifted vintage


Nate and I, bein' cute... and Nate didn't want a cake so I bought him a $2 wizard candle from the thrift store to make a wish on at midnight when it officially turned to his birthday...

It was officially Nate's 29th birthday on Saturday, and thus began my last year of being an official cougar (I'm 30, almost 31... so I figure this is the last year I can say I'm a cougar since Nate is still technically "twenty-something" while I am "thirty-something.") We went out for Thai food and met some friends at a local dive bar (the CC Club.)
6-23-12 Nate's birthday
Necklace - vintage (my mom got it for me at a garage sale!)
Dress - vintage via church garage sale
Sandals - thrifted vintage 

Sandals worn in both outfits...

Aaaand here's Nate's birthday card I made him... one of the advantages of working the photo booth every weekend = lots of leftover nametag photos:

On Sunday, Nate, Blake and I went to the park and played catch and hit some baseballs (well, I didn't because I'm not allowed to yet due to my leg so I hobbled around in the outfield fetching baseballs which was pathetic to watch I'm sure, but it was still fun, I swear!)

Friday, June 22, 2012

etsy, etsy, etsy

Been busy photographing and listing new vintage for the etsy...click on the photo to go to the individual sale page.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weddings and Vegas, not Vegas weddings

Saturday night I had to work a wedding for the photo booth out at a farm in Stillwater. It was in the middle of nowhere. The guys who set up the booth gave me a call and warned me that the booth was running on a generator under a tent and the gravel road leading up to the tent was entirely made of deep mud. Fun... so I brought "Mariah Carey" the boot and a sandal to wear during the reception...
6-16-12 Photo booth style files (39)
Dress - thrifted vintage Alfred Shaheen
Watch - thrifted vintage
Right sandal - Steve Madden

But I also brought the galoshes... and I'm glad I did! It was muddy and I had to wear bug spray and the lights on the booth attracted every moth in the midwest, but it was still fun! The decor was really eclectic and cool and very much my style, the bride and her family were awesome and they tipped me like crazy! So the 50 minute drive and mud hike was totally worth it!
Boots - thrifted Northerner

I don't smoke but couldn't resist this vintage Camel watch. It was $3 and all it needed was a new battery!

On Tuesday morning I went to see my orthopedist and he says I can take off the boot! I can even start biking and swimming, but no running or jumping until August 1st. I can walk a bit, but here's the kicker... I have to wear heels. At all times. Even around the house. Not skyscrapers or anything, but like a wedge heel, which helps keep some pressure off my healing calf muscle. It feels weird wearing shoes inside and walking around the house. But I'll take it!

Here's what I wore, first day sans boot...
6-20-12 Viva Las Vegas
Shirt - thrifted vintage (going in the etsy soon)
Short - thrifted Old Navy
Sandals - thrifted vintage Dr. Scholl's

I was tempted to keep this awesome glitter graphic shirt, but I'm not really a Vegas kinda girl...
Though it does remind me of Chrissy from Three's Company, which is a plus.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pink and pastel

Worn to eat brunch with the fam before my mom left town (then to run errands all day in the pouring rain.) I just thrifted this awesome blouse (it was super stained when I bought it but it was only $2 on half-price day at Arc's Value Village, so I figured it was worth the risk. A full day of soaking in some OxiClean and it's good as new!)

Shirt - thrifted vintage 
Skirt - American Apparel
Right sandal - Steve Madden

I've had this dress forever, but it was handmade and unfinished... so I finally got around to fixing some things in the sewing pile now that school's out and I've got some free time. Worn to work the photo booth for the premiere of the Roman Holiday musical on Friday...
Dress - thrifted handmade, some finishing done by me
Watch - Michael Kors
Right sandal - Sketchers

Cute flowery fabric that is somehow neon-ish yet pastel-ish...

Ok, I've gotta go run to an early morning dr. appointment to see how my leg is healing! Hopefully I can ditch the boot soon! I'm really sick of it and ready to ride my bike again!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hats and scarves

Sorry I fell off the face of the Earth internet for almost a week... it tends to happen when I'm readjusting to my summer schedule. Last weekend Nate and I went to visit his family and hang out with these monkeys (his nephews) in the coldest spring-fed swimming hole ever!

Then I got back and decided to go into full-on summer-vacation mode and dressed the part:
Hat - thrifted newstock Target
Sweater - J.Crew outlet
Belt - Target (from high school)
Shorts - thrifted Jade
Right shoe - Steve Madden

My mom was in town for a few days to see Henrik... (IDK why he is wearing the Quaker Oat man's hat...)

We went to a farmer's market... apparently going to a farmer's market with a baby requires that I dress like a '90s stoner... though, to be fair, it was pretty cold out this day...
Hat - grocery store
T-shirt - Target
Watch - vintage 
Jeans - Gap
Right sandal - Steve Madden

And here's a random day, where I was hanging out with my special needs buddy...
Scarf - thrifted
T-shirt - Target
Short - Jenny Han
Right sandal - Steve Madden

Ok, I've got a few more outfits to throw at you, but I'll do that next week because I gotta go (wo)man the photo booth right... NOW!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Moar stripes!

Do I remind myself of... A candy cane? Where's Waldo? Not sure, but I like it!

Shirt - J.Crew outlet
Dress - thrifted Norton Original (shortened by me, it was an awkward mid-calf length)
Sock - TJ Maxx
Right sandal - Steve Madden

It's the last day of school! As is tradition, the morning begins with "The Final Countdown" being blasted over the loudspeakers and ends with our band teacher doing karaoke to Alice Cooper's "School's Out." Woooo-hooooo! Nate is picking me up from work and we're heading off to see his family in Marshall, MN (a 3 hour drive.) His brother and his wife are flying in to Minneapolis today from NYC and we're driving them to Marshall and hanging out for the weekend. I've never met them before so I'm excited! 

P.S. There is a big white leaping reindeer on my red sock today but you can't tell because "Mariah Carey" is in the way! Shhh! Don't tell anyone I'm wearing a Christmas sock in June!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Airing dirty laundry

This shirt. So cute, so fun. So terrible on me. I've been attempting to wear it all winter and it just doesn't work on me... I tried it by itself or with cardigans, with pants or skirts, with brights or neutrals. I though maybe it would be better once I got a bit of a tan/more freckles, but I'm still not in love with it (on me). I think the shape just isn't good on me (like most trapeze or tent dresses - they're generally unflattering because I have a fuller bust and then I feel like I just look pregnant.) Sooo, look for it in the etsy soon. Farewell top! I love you, I just don't love us.

Shirt - thrifted vintage (no tags)
Skirt - American Apparel
Sock - Target
Right sandal - thrifted Nine West

Lookie how cute the big pattern is... flowers, blackberries, PINK BIRDS...

I'm sorry guys, that was embarrassing. A very public break-up on my blog. With a shirt.


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