"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The hippest girl in all of Wisconsin

Hey doods! Sorry I have been gone for so long, but well I have 16 days off work and I am doing exactly that - not working. Not doing my huge to-do list. None of it is urgent, so whatever. I'll get to it! I went home to Wisconsin for six days, which was relaxing. Saw a few old friends, hung out with the fam, and Cash (my brother's Bull-Mastiff which looks super scary but is just a big nerd:

One of my favorite things in Wisco, is that the next town over USED to have the Circus Museum... now they do not. But there are still elephant, clown, and giraffe statues all over and all the drinking fountains look like lion heads, and you have to put your head in their mouth to get a drink. This poor giraffe was not made for this climate, though I do like how they made him festive with a wreath necklace:

My other favorite thing to do is look for things I'll one day get from my parents (once I move out of my tiny condo into a real house). I already have a huge stash of stuff in our barn (yes, we have a barn, no we don't live on a farm). Next on my list of things I want, no neeeed to have one day, this cuckoo clock that is hanging in the basement:

Alright, regular posting and blog-reading will resume on Monday, but until then HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm off to a masquerade party at J-Rod and Brittany's house!
For the party:

For when I'm cold (mask made by me!):

For when I drink too much champagne, and decide I need to be tranny-Batman:
 Dress - crazy outlet store by my house
Tights - Target
Shoes - Linea Paolo (Nordstom's Rack)

Have a fabulous yet safe evening everyone! And THANK YOU for a fabulous year, it really does mean a lot to me that anyone reads this and thinks my little frocks are fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vaguely Intellectual Thursday

After yesterday's Vaguely ethnic Wednesday (which I totally made up), here is today's Vaguely intellectual Thursday (which I also made up):
 Glasses - thrifted American Optical horn rimmed glasses
Shirt - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Belt - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Tights - the dawn of time itself?
Shoes - Modcloth, free courtesy of Daddy Likey!

Le belt de awesome:

I'm finishing up all my holiday t-shirt orders and just screenprinted my first apron:

My sister is a crazy Martha Stewart-like woman. She's an interior designer who loves to cook, bake, garden, and just basically be perfect. She has a bunch of aprons, but they are all too beautiful for her to wear... so her husband asked me to screenprint her a white one, so she can dirty it up and then wash it! They love Mad Men, so I drew up a Betty Draper for her apron (and made it in robin's egg blue to match her kitchen!)

Last night was my book club meeting, which is endlessly awesome and hilarious. We spend an hour discussing The Old Man and The Sea (we picked a super short book because of all the insanity around Thanksgiving and a lot of my friends have grad school finals now). Then we spent an hour and a half discussing what book to read next (answer: Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction this year)

Trivia of the day:
How many kids have puked in my office so far this week?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She's my Rushmore

Tuesday... At first I was wearing the orange pants in the morning, but as I was walking around getting ready for work, I thought I looked a little too "I'm trying to look like I fell out of a Wes Anderson film", so I changed into the blue pants.

Blazer - thrifted
Pins - thrifted
Oxford - Polo Ralph Lauren, inherited from aunt
Pants (orange) - thrifted
Pants (blue) - Express
Shoes - Bass, thrifted

Vaguely academic looking pins:

It's finally not in the negative temps today!!! That's right, it's one degree out, wahoo! Vaguely ethnic Wednesday....
 Tunic - vintage via www.XhereliesbootsX.etsy.com
Necklaces - thrifted
Pants - GAP dance pants
Shoes - Bongo (got them on crazy clearance at DSW for $2 a few years ago)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Only five more days of work, then I get two weeks off! Had a lovely weekend, I'm still getting used to the fact I don't have to waitress on Saturdays any more... some friends and I went to Midway Contemporary Art's Monster Drawing Rally. They bring in artists for one hour each to draw or paint, or whatever their medium is. They make as many things as they want to in that hour. As they finish them, they hang them on the wall and then you can buy them for $35. There were a few I wanted, but if more than one person wants a piece of art, you draw cards to see who gets to buy it. I lost them all. Then we went to a bar, where my friend JJ runs karaoke on Saturday nights. It was ridiculous. Sunday was football and gyros day!

Collar - thrifted
Vest - thrifted DKNY
Shirt - Old Navy, years ago
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Clogs - thrifted

It is snowing and freezing and supposed to be -20 tonight! I think my fireplace and I are going to be good friends this year!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiffany & Co

Well, I'm back! Flying home for the wake and funeral went smoothly despite a big snowstorm. It was all beautiful and terrible, but I'm so glad I was able to go.

I'm disappointed I missed Spirit Week at my school, I had a really awesome Clark Kent outfit planned for "Superhero Day" but oh well... today is color day, where each grade was assigned a color to wear. I didn't want to support any one grade, so while it was tempting to try to wear EVERY color, I decided to wear turquoise since no one had that color...

Dress - thrifted
Tights - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Modcloth

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend, sleeping in, doing a little screenprinting, cooking with the boy, and watching some football with friends. Guuuuh, and I don't know WHAT to get for Chritmas for my mom and dad... trying to think of presents for them is the pits.

Monday, December 7, 2009

love and sadness, grace and bravery

Sorry dudes, going to be absent for a few days... my aunt Carol died on Thursday. It's for the best really, she's had an aggressive and incureable cancer for seven years and fought a brave and graceful fight right up to the end. She was in so much pain lately; I'm glad she is free from that now.

She is my godmother and was a big part of my life growing up. The heiress to a spice fortune (exotic!), she married my dad's brother 28 years ago (my mom was pregnant with me at their wedding!)

She was always the definition of glamour and grace to me. My mother is a very simply styled woman who never bought anything fancy or extravagent for herself, always saving up for my sister and brother and I and our educations. I love her for that, more than I can say. But my aunt? She introduced me to the world of fashion, travel, and the finer things in life. She brought me a kimono from Japan when I was six and I thought it was the most special thing on earth. She gave me a diamond when I was confirmed in 8th grade and it made me feel like an adult for the first time, trusting that I could be responsible with such an expensive gift.

I babysat her three children all through high school and always looked forward to seeing what sophisticated dress she was wearing to what fancy party. I will never forget all the days spent swimming with her in the lake, toboggoning in the winter, spending the night on her condo's balcony in Chicago that overlooked the Lincoln Park Zoo - listening to all the animals after it was closed for the night, and picking raspberries every summer for hours at a time.

So rest in peace, Aunt Carol, and see you on the other side.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey Mickey! (actually, scratch that, that song is annoying)

I'm sure you all know by now I don't take clothing too seriously, and in case you weren't convinced already, I give you Mickey Mouse:
 Cardigan - Bloomingdale's brand (inherited from aunt)
Mickey t-shirt - thrifted
Pants - Target
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

Well, it's official, winter has hit Minnesota (I know, talking about the weather - how droll!) That cold that lingers in your toes for hours after getting inside has arrived. Oh well, gives me an excuse to use my fireplace (I'm lucky, I know!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Designer duds

I hate that word, "duds", so ridic. Anyway, I don't really have that many "designer" clothes... I'm just accidentally wearing a lot of them today...
 Cardigan - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Plato's Closet, consignment store)
Blouse - Anna Sui for Target (clearance)
Watch - Michael Kors
Pants - Marni (Garment District, consignment store)
Shoes - thrifted

Hmm, I really should have taken a close up of the shoes... they are entirely covered in sequins and I wondered why they were at the thrift store- they looked like they had never been worn! The first time I wore them I figured out why - they are SO SLIPPERY! The bottoms are crazy, I don't know what they are made of - but it feels like I'm trying to walk down the bowling alley lanes... I'm pretty sure I'll fall down in them at some point today, and that will be the end of our time together. I'm wondering if I like sand the bottoms? IDK, probably not worth it to save $2 shoes - but sequined $2 shoes...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today I yodel, yesterday I growled

I am a big fan of today's outfit:

 Blouse - Thakoon for Target
Sweater vest - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted Liz Claiborne
Tights - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Bakers, forever ago

Yesterday, I woke up SO SO tired and just out of it... I thought making an actual breakfast would help, instead of just eating peanut butter toast in the car like I usually do... well I successfully forgot about it when I ran upstairs to do something and burnt it which is why my house looks vaguely smokey in the picture:
 T-shirt - Target
Necklace - thrifted
Skirt - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Tights - TJ Maxx
Shoes - thrifted Enzo Angiolini

Lacking any ideas or inspiration, I decided to do Kimberly's inspiration calendar, which called for a black top with a dramatic skirt. Well, this skirt is saying something, and I'm hoping it's more "I wish I was Gwen Stefani" than "I'm a circus dominatrix", but when you're working with so many stripes and buckles and zippers, who knows?!?!

More importantly, I wore these shoes that look like a duck? made of snakes?

Oh! And in "the most exciting news of, oh I don't know, MY LIFE" front - I AM GOING TO SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA FOR SPRING BREAK! Which means, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shopping under any circumstances. No going out to eat. No concerts. Keeping up with stocking the etsy, etc. $1200 plane ticket and I want to have some $$$$$$$ to blow while there. I am DYING with excitement!  I'm going there to visit one of my best friends who teaches English there! Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks but no thanks, Wisconsin

Thanksgiving was... fine... going back to a small town in Wisconsin is always a bit of a strange culture shock... not that it's so different from Minneapolis - it is just weird to be back in a place that is so the same, but also so different than when I grew up there. Sleeping in a twin bed in my old bedroom (which is now an office - with a bed), running into old boyfriends who never left town, hanging out with my little brother and his giant dog... it was fun but four days is enough. It's strange, but Minneapolis is now "home" more than my home is home... you know?

This color scheme is in no way an endorsement of the Green Bay Packers:
 Shirt - Target ($6! yay for super-clearance!)
Cardigan - Daisy Fuentes
Tights - ??? The dawn of time itself?
Shoes - www.modcloth.com (free thanks to Daddy Likey costume contest last year!!)

My favorite hat... a thrifted vintage fox fur busby that allows me to run around in skirts all winter - as long as my head is warm, I won't freeze!

My second favorite hat... a newly thrifted French vintage wool and mohair hat (worn with earmuffs to keep my ears from freezing off!) I love this hat because it doesn't smoosh my hair puff and looks rather awesome with earmuffs, I think.

How was your Thanksgiving/Thursday?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

still copying Kate Spade

I found this dress at a thrift store and it is so awesomely '90s but it also reminded me a bit of the big polka dots from Kate Spade, so I took it in that direction. 
 Cardigan - TJ Maxx?
T-shirt - Target
Dress - thrifted
Tights - Target
Shoes - Tracy Reese

With awesome thrifted coat:

Dear Tracy Reese, these shoes are crazy good (and not terribly uncomfortable for their height.) Keep up the good work.

This will probably be my last post for a few days... I will be updating the etsy tomorrow and running errands all day. I'm going back to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving for the first time in five years. I'm excited but also sad... my aunt/godmother has had cancer for about eight years and the chemo is no longer working, so she is stopping it and going on hospice. She is the most graceful and brave woman I know. Have a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2009

hello and goodbyes

Hello all! Had a lovely weekend - went to bed early on Friday after a rather late night on Thursday (watched season finale of Project Runway and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with the boys). I gotta say, that I, like everyone else was none to impressed with this season of Project Runway. I'm excited that there is a new season starting in January and it's back in NY. Hopefully that means more Michael Kors!

Saturday was my last day waitressing! I've been waitressing and bartending at a golf club for EIGHT YEARS and Saturday was my last day. They are closing the restaurant. It was super sad to say goodbye to everyone, especially my boss who has been like my second mother. Oh well, time to move on. I'll have a lot more free time on weekends, just less money to blow on silly things (like shoes! and concerts!) I think it will be fun to find a new summer job for this year too.
Shrug - Target
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes - thrifted Sasha Too

Thursday, November 19, 2009

deadly dust bunnies

You know how people are always like "I can't wear white, I always spill on it"... well, me too, duh, but I also can't wear black... seriously, how do people do it? I feel like I'm dusting all day at work, somehow I just pick up fuzzy stuff, dust and hairs all day!

Let's do the detail shot first today because, come on, look at all those insane ruffles (not to mention the awesome pearl collar, worn as a necklace):

Black t-shirt - thrifted
Ruffled shirt - Romeo and Juliet Couture
Pearl collar - ebay
Cropped pants - Target
Shoes - MIA

Ha! Just realized my title is double funny because I am allergic to both dust and bunnies (well, rabbits). No mohair for this girl...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Was feeling a bit inspired by Kate Spade this morning... I thrifted this dress about two months ago and figured by the time it was full on fall weather I'd figure out how to wear it... I loved all the buttons and the plaid, it's just short sleeved, v-necked, and had HUGE shoulder pads (in short sleeves?!?! really?!?!) So I had to figure out a way to make it less "early '90s" and I think this finally worked! I stole the red tights and mustard color combo from Kate Spade and ran with it...
 Cardigan - from a friend's "to the Goodwill" pile years ago
Dress - thrifted
Tights - Target
Shoes - Michael Kors

Ahh, but Kate does it best...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reality Bites

 I flew in from my Caribbean cruise Thursday night around 11pm... while I didn't feel ill on the ship, I'm having a problem getting my land legs back... I'm dizzy and swaying and keep crashing into things... it's called "stillness illness" which sounds awesome but is not... oh well! Friday:
Hair ribbon - came on a pair of pants
Scarf - thrifted GAP
Cardigan - thrifted
T-shirt - Target
Big ol' leaf pin - from a bag of costume jewelry my gma gave me
Pants - Target
Shoes - Juicy Couture

Monday: I was dizzy all weekend and woke up feeling even worse, as the rest of the cruise attendees are feeling better... perhaps a girl like me, who has had FIVE ear surgeries, should remember to bring earplugs when she snorkles? Inner-ear infection much? Stay home, crash into more things, feel least dizzy when sitting up so try to sleep that way and fail. Lesson learned.

 Glasses - thrifted American Optical
Dress - Target
Tights - Target
Boots - Bumper

I got this dress on clearance at the end of the season last year but haven't worn it yet. I'm thinking it could be a good Thanksgiving dress - it's just weird to wear because the material is thick but it's sleeveless but winter colored... Alright, I'm off to go sit still all day long. It's gonna be a long, dizzy day (which means a boring day - dizziness = no running or working out, no reading, no cooking, um, pretty much just sitting and feeling ill. Awesome!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

pardon me while I go work on my tan

I couldn't resist wearing the new clearance Anna Sui for Target dress today:
Glasses - Prada
Dress - Anna Sui for Target
Tights - Target
Boots - Diba

The sleeves are unlined so I wore a tight black t-shirt under the dress, it being Minneapolis in November and all... This will be my last post for a week kids! John and Megan are FINALLY getting married (after 7 years of dating!) My flight leaves at 6:30 am - blargh, but hopefully that means I will sleep on the plane. I'm a nervous flyer (although my sister's husband is an airline pilot and he is super responsible and very much a double check things kinda guy and that makes me feel better. I just imagine that Luke is flying the plane and it calms me down. Also, my friend Hilary is flying with me and she said she'd have a mimosa with me while we wait for the flight, so if I'm a little drunk, that will help too!)
So I'm going on my first cruise, which will hopefully end better than that of lonely tourist Charlotte Charles! I'll be swimming and snorkeling and getting frecklier till next Friday! Bye!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Farmhouse/God Save the Sui

Today I am dressed like... I teach agricultural classes? like I'm going on a fox hunt?
 Blazer - thrifted
Oxford - Target
Tie - thrifted
Brooch - thrifted
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Boots - thrifted Colin Stuart

Um, wearing these boots makes me feel so badass (even though I am wearing a skinny tie?)

So, on my lunchbreak I often go for a walk in the downtown skyways (for those of you not from Minneapolis, the skyways are enclosed hallways (usually on the second floor) that connect buildings across streets so you don't have to walk outside in the winter! Ummm, like dis:

Genius! They are lined with Starbucks and nail salons and sandwich shops - some are really evil and do things like make you walk through Macy's!) Anyway, I walked over to the Target (right next to the Target Headquarters - whaa!) to buy the last of my tiny little lotions and potions for my cruise next week (I HATE those things! They are so tiny and so expensive and I need so many - saline, sunblock, conditioner, etc!) I see that their "boyfriend" t-shirts (stupid name) are on sale and grab a new white one when I see it -- there on the clearance rack. I never let myself visit the Anna Sui collection in person, only look at it online, because really? I'm not gonna pay $70 for Target Sui that everyone else has. I'm just not. But there it was...

It's the only one there. It's my size. $30. How could I resist? I am weeeeeeeeak.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grease is the word

This skirt and glasses combo makes me feel like Patty Simcox in a bad theatrical production of Grease, so I threw on the tall stripper-ish shoes and chunky necklaces to save it.
 Glasses - thrifted original American Optical horn rimmed glasses!
Necklaces - thrifted
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - Thrifted
Tights - Target
Miss Me - DSW super clearance

As I mentioned on Monday, I've been out sick for two days. I barely noticed I was gone, it feels like Monday because I slept like 14 hours a day! Feeling muuuuuuch better now, which is good - have so much stuff to do before I leave for the cruise on Saturday (at 6am!)

Trying REALLY hard not to go to the Mall of America after work today to see if they have this Stella McCartney for Gap Kids band jacket (on the left, duh!) in a boys 10-12... MUST. RESIST.

Monday, November 2, 2009

le sick ( you know, like regular sick but more glamorous?)

I stayed home sick today because I have a fever, and slept until 2pm!! Whoa! I am feeling better so I think I'll finally get out of bed and do a few little things around the house (it is a disaster from sewing two costumes this week). But on to the fun things - Halloween!

Here's my handiwork - I made both of these costumes! Me as Maude Lebowski, JRod as Max from Where the Wild Things are:

I started dancing...

And by the end of the night (4:30 am), it was all just one big dance party anyway:

I have a million more photos, but don't want to be posting photos of random people I don't know that well all over the internet, but rest assured there were 5 Lady Gagas, several Simpsons characters, guys in drag, two Dolly Partons, Wednesday Addams, a Decepticon, many animals.... the list goes on and on. So much fun, probably too much!

Friday, October 30, 2009

pins and needles

Blazer - thrifted
Pins - all thrifted/garage sales
T-shirt - Target
Shorts - Isaac Mizrahi for Target SAMPLE
Tights - Target
Shoes - thrifted Sasha Too

I think a big bunch of tiny pins is so cute! So here's some pin porn:

Seven of the twelve pins are from old boy/girl/cub scout uniforms, and I still have a few more that are still on some uniform pieces that I wear.

Today. This outfit makes me feel like a child. In the seventies.

Blazer - thrifted little boys
Shirt - thrifted
Jeans - Built by Wendy
Boots - thrifted Ann Taylor LOFT

Gearing up for one of the busiest weekends of my life followed by one of the busiest weeks of my life followed by destination wedding cruise! My friend Megan flew in from San Francisco this morning. Friday - Dinner, bachelorette party! Saturday - brunch, Hilary's birthday festivities, Halloween party! Sunday - Vikings vs. Packers! All fun but exhausting too! The good news is my costume is finished (already wore it to a party on Wednesday) and I only have the crown left to finish for the Max (from Where the Wild Things Are) costume for my friend James. Have a fabulous Halloween and I'll be back with 1,000,000 pictures on Monday!


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