"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): February 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's play with Google Analytics (third times the charm)

Alright doods, it's time for more fun with Google! (confused? answers here) I'm going to try to keep up on these and do like one a month because the last one was, as my friend Amy would say, OCBA (Out of Conrol Bad Ass) and waaaay too long for one post. Plus, it gives me something to post on weekends when I am too busy living a non-digital life to bother with blogging!

i have nothing notes
   well you can't copy off me! I'm telling!

"hilarious dog names"
   Hmm, I've never had a dog but if I did, I think Tobor Fancypants would be a hilarious name (Tobor is robot backwards and a fine pet name, I think!)  Also, it was not a dog but I thought it was really funny when Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia stole a horse from a jockey and named him Peter Nincompoop, so there's always that too

"socks - target"
   Yes, they do in fact sell socks at Target, but shhh, I'm not the one who told you. Let's keep this info on the DL, K?

dinner to go and nothing to wear
   I guess if you are having dinner to go, you could just roll in in a trench coat to pick up your food, just make sure it's not too windy, I don't want you to get a banned from The Green Mill.

does pebbles have pretty dresses?

   I think she just has the one, and it kinda looks like shit to me... learn how to hem Wilma, you're whole family looks ragged, you're a terrible mother.

future lin t
   Futurelint can be one word or two, three is where I draw the line, you are BANNED! Come back, one year!

i have nothing to wear leggings with
  Rolling around town in leggings as pants is perfectly acceptable in modern America, which is why I am going ex-pat in a time machine

i have nothing to wear on my birthday
  They don't call it a birthday suit for nothin' honey

i have nothing to wear on picture day for 11 year old
   I think it would be hilarious to wear a tube top - a girl at my high school did that for her senior portrait and it looked like she was totally naked! = hilarious!

i would rather be riding baby
   You can't ride a baby! Even if this is like a giant Shaq baby and you are small, this is a bad idea. Besides, you'll never get the saddle on.

if you wear same colors and what you can pick like i'am a pumkin
   I suspect you are missing some teeth, yes?

quickly shortening a dress
  Noooooo! Put down the scissors. Put down the stapler. Didn't you see that Pebbles picture up there? Save the dress for another day and do a proper hem. Please.

keeping lint off pants
   IMPOSSIBLE! Only superheros...
Yep, not a speck o' lint or dust on the bunch.

my kitchen today blogspot
   My kitchen is totally abandoned most of the day... although I may venture down there to make a waffle for lunch later.  Then I'll screenprint some shirts on the kitchen table... it's really not a very happening place.

redheads wear black
 Not much...

sixties ballerina style shoes
   I feel like ballerina shoe styles haven't changed in like 200 years... wait, are you talking about Mary Janes??

tigar dresses
   Learn to spell! Wait! Did I spell it "tigar" somewhere???? Google, you are freaking me out!!! Must go proofread 1.5 years worth of blog posts for spelling and grammar errors... will return in a few days.

what did people wear in the black death
   I'm gonna go with filthy rat-gnawed rags?

what to wear in norway in march
   I'll check with my grandma, but I think it depends on if we're talking the 1st or the 31st... I suspect that whole lion/lamb thing is actually true there, just like in the midwest!

what to wear to the movies blogspot
   Most movie theaters don't have a dress code... I think you should dress up like someone in the movie you are going to see! Every single time, not just for Harry Potter movies! Or, dress like Harry Potter for EVERY movie!

will the husband wear the apron in the future
   Sure! If I ever get married, I'll totally make him wear an apron when he's bad.

lots of lint sweater after every wear
  Sounds like you have yourself a VERY cheap sweater, I would get rid of it post-haste!

world's girliest boy
  Is it Johnny Weir?

what shoes did zack morris wear
   Without actually googling this... I'm gonna guess white high-top Reeboks? I guess it depends if we're talking the Miss Bliss years or the college years...

i hate the negative temperature
  Me too! OMG! We have soooo much in common! You like to whine too? NO WAY! We should totally hang out! TTYL!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tap-a Tap-a Tap-a

Several things:
#1. I feel like a tap dancer today, which is awesome. I don't know why, I've just always wished I could tap, it just seems like so much fun to make so much noise!

#2. I just realized I wore a dress every single day this week. I tend to think of myself as more of a "skirt" kinda girl, but apparently this week was all about the dresses.

#3. There are so many springish things I want to wear but I am resisting and trying to wear all the warm wintery things one last time before they are put away for the next few seasons.

#4. It is my half birthday! 28.5! Go buy me half a cake.

#5 In exactly one month, I will be on a 14 hour flight to Japan, en route to Seoul, South Korea! Hooooooray!
 This is one of those days I wished I owned a black turtleneck! Oh well, this will do!

T-shirt - Target
Dress - Hayden Harnett
Shoes - Seychelles

Bye kids! Have a fabulous weekend, I actually have a post for tomorrow, which will be my first weekend post in FOREVER.  I am jonesing for some snowboarding, so here's hoping I can coax the boy out onto the slopes on Sunday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Like a dainty, lady-like hot dog

IDK why I like to dress like a hot dog all the time... maybe I'm just really yearning for baseball season to start?

Cardigan - from a friend's "to the Goodwill" pile, years ago
Dress - Rodarte for Target (on sale for $11!!!!!)
Heart necklace - www.pangs.etsy.com
Belt - thrifted
Tights - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Bakers, years ago

I am sad there is no new Project Runway tonight, but I guess the Olympics are almost over so I should get in one last event or two... in exciting-to-me-but-no-one-else-cares news, I am getting awesome at yoga! My heels now touch the ground in downward dog and I impress everyone with my extended headstands due to my extremely flat head (no really! The top of my head is really flat but luckily you can't tell due to my hair!) Alright kids, I'll report back soon with my DIY.. it's taken longer than I though to put the finishing details on!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

They call me "the flash"

Hmm, I'm worried that from a distance this dress is too flesh-toned and I just look like a flasher...

Black dress - thrifted Patrick Robinson for Target
Dress - ModCloth (free thanks to Daddy Likey's Halloween Costume Chronicles contest last year!)
Belt - thrifted
Watch - Michael Kors
Shoes - MIA

Neckline detail:
Oh well! Sometimes, a girl just needs to dress like a flasher (now if only it was warm enough to be wearing a trench coat instead of a big winter wool coat...)

P.S. I miss my freckles. And my tan. But on the bright side, I think this is as pale as I can get, and in a month or so, the sun and thus my freckles, will arrive! Hooray!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

I found this Nanette Lepore 100% cashmere cardigan at Arc's Value Village on half price day for four dollars! Wahoo!
Cardigan - thrifted Nanette Lepore
Dress - thrifted Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Tights - Target
Shoes - Unlisted by Kenneth Cole, inherited from sister

I'm considering shortening the dress to the knee... it just seems a little too long but it's also fully lined, so it will be a pain to hem... I guess I'll leave it for now and if I never wear it due to it's length, I'll bite the bullet and shorten it!

Thanks for all the suggestions on shows to watch while running! I think for now I'm going to watch half a movie every time I run, there are so many movies that have come out in the last few years that I have never seen... I think I'll start with No Country for Old Men, since it won the Oscar for best picture in 2007 and I never saw it. Then I'll start on some of this year's best picture nominees... well, the ones that are out on DVD already. Byeeee!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sky captain

Monday, Monday... 

Scarf - TJ Maxx
Dress - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Socks - Target (hmm...  I should have taken a detail shot, they have a fun white ruffled stripe up the back!)
Shoes - Seychelles

I need to find a new show to watch while I run three days a week... it makes the time go by sooo much faster! I can usually crank out five miles during one 50 minute show or two shorter shows (Fridays are my favorite days to run because usually I'll watch 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation on Hulu... but the Olympics are screwing it up!) Any recommendations? Previous shows I've watched while running: Dexter, Rescue Me, United States of Tara, Weeds.
I've seen the first season of Big Love, and I thought it was good (not great), so I guess I could watch the second season of that... I could start Mad Men but I've heard it's kind of boring until you really get into it. Any other ideas??

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yipes! Stripes!

I'm the kinda girl who lays out her outfit the night before... I just don't like dealing with the closet monster in the morning... but I woke up so tired and cold today I just felt like wearing pants and flats instead of the dress and heeled boots I was planning on wearing... oops?

Sweater - etsy (www.pangs.etsy.com)
T-shirt - thrifted Target Sample
Pocketwatch - garage sale, chain added by me
Pants - thrifted Banana Republic
Gold glitter shoes - Dollhouse (on DSW super clearance a few years ago, they were less than $2)

The important thing to notice is the Dueber pocket watch, which according to it's serial number, was made in 1879! I got it at a garage sale for something like fifty cents and it's real gold! From the research I've done it looks like it would be worth around $750 if it was working, which it is not. It's also missing one of the watch hands and the glass plate that covered the watch face... I ought to bring it to a jeweler or watch repair of some kind and see what they can do but in the mean time I threw it on a thrift store chain and have just been wearing it as a necklace. The inside is so cool - gears!

Have a goooood weekend everyone! Mine will be full of the Olympics and t-shirt printing!

P.S. I love this cardigan but it is infuriating... put it by something black and it looks navy, put it by something navy and it looks black... grrr... what color are you?!?!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Rodarte Shark

I am feeling very "Go-Go-Go" today (and last night... I got into this sewing frenzy and suddenly it was midnight - oops!) On the upside, I'll have a cool little DIY thing to post this weekend, where I transform some thrifted crap jean jacket into an amazing tribute to Jay McCarroll's runway show from the first season of Project Runway! I don't know why but I LOVED him as a person and as a designer and thought that as a ready-to-wear collection, his show was tops! The bee's knees, I tell ya! Gosh, that was like 5?6? years ago now??
Cardigan - thrifted (and handmade! By someone named LORRAINE SHARK! 
My stupid normal family and their stupid regular last name, I want my last name to be Shark!)
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - Rodarte for Target (50% off!)
Shoes - MIA

Bye kids! Have a fabulous Thursday! I'll be sitting around at the boy's house, being torn between watching the men's figure skating long program and the new Project Runway.... which is like the best night ever for me and my best gay, but means a night of torture for my boyfriend... oh well!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Part-time nutcracker

I found this Pendleton cardigan at a thrift store forever ago, but it was really boxy and too big. I was going to put it up on etsy, but decided to try to hand-felt it to shrink it... and it turned out awesome! I was tempted to block it so it was longer, but I decided to just let it shrink up and be a cropped length... I'm so happy with how it turned out and it didn't take very long!
Cardigan - thrifted Pendleton  (hand-felted by me)
Dress - thrifted Target sample
Watch - Michael Kors
Gold bangle - thrifted
Shoes - Seychelles

New shoes on sale from Overstock.com... I realized that I do have two pairs of closed toe black heels, but one pair are sling-backs and the other pair are satin, so neither one is very practical for winter. I think these will be a very valuable and versatile addition to my shoe repertoire! "Shoe repertoire??" I'm a nerd!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The world's biggest, most obnoxious collar

Back to work today... and one of those terrible rushed mornings because my cell phone alarm went off and I accidentally knocked it off the dresser onto the floor and figured I'd dig it out when my second alarm went off... well it never did because when it fell, it knocked the battery cover off (bizarre!) So I woke up like 20 mins late and had one of those "holy crap!" mornings. Oh well, I was extra efficient and made it on time!

Dress - thrifted and shortened (because these polka dots are annoying as is, let alone having it calf length!)
Cardigan - thrifted
Tights - Target
Shoes - MIA

Ok, so I want your input on something... So I, like a lot of girls do Wardrobe Remix, and I love it there, everyone is so nice!... but a lot of my contacts there also have blogs. and are on Weardrobe. and on Chictopia. and on Lookbook (which I have never tried). Where do you prefer to be "visited?" I like commenting on people's blogs, because they usually have the most info there and I feel like I get to know the person better. Chictopia is my least favorite because it seems like a lot of the people on it are kind of rude, due it's anonymous ranking system... I like Weardrobe, due to it's "closest thing to Cher Horowitz's closet computer I'll ever get" feature and they have great contests a lot... where should I visit you?

Monday, February 15, 2010

I love my friends

Hey kids! Thanks to a little thing called "President's Day," I have the day off! Hooray! I'll being doing very exciting things like filing my taxes and working on screens for shirts!

I had the funnest weekend ever! Friday night the boy and I went over to my friend Matt's house and we were total Olympic nerds. Do you watch the Olympics? I LOVE them. I don't know why, I'm not super into sports, all the athletes just have such fascinating stories (you know, all the single mothers moving across the country to support their child's dream, so many injuries and surgeries and set-backs, I just get sucked in!)  We decided to try to play Scrabble while watching, but after I got 7 consonants, we decided to play with 9 tiles, and I was in no better shape:

Saturday we went sledding! The boy and I, Matt, Jim, and Megan went to Theodore Wirth Park! They have a giant hill with a tow rope up to the top. Sometimes there was a line for the tow rope, so we walked to the top about 15 times, which was exhausting. We raced, we had contests, we crashed and laughed and had the best time ever. Around 6pm it was getting dark and we were starving so we left to go to a diner to get burgers, fries, and milkshakes! About 10 more friends came to the boy's house to drink wine and watch the Olympics which was hilarious and awesome.
I didn't take any photos while sledding because it seemed like a bad idea to take electronics out into the violent snowy sledding excursion... here we are back at the car, ready to go eat!

Sunday was Valentine's Day. I don't hate the holiday, but I also don't really feel the need to go out to a crowded dinner with all the other couples trying to be romantic. My friend Bridget is a resident artist at a sculpture park in Wisconsin so the boy and I and our friend Chris drove an hour to see their iron pour. It was freezing and windy but interesting. I definately want to go back this summer when it's warm out!

So many neat sculptures!

This is our friend's sculpture, it's gigantic and you are supposed to play on it (there are bridges and tunnels and swings!)
The three of us went out to dinner at Nacho Mamas (a Mexican food place in Stillwater) and drove home to watch more Olympics! Guess what I'm doing all week long? More Olympics. I'm hooked!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My boyfriend's back

Let's pretend this school sweater is from my 1950s boyfriend, and not from an old man who just died in a nursing home...

Sweater - thrifted
T-shirt - Target
Jeans - thrifted Armani Exchange
Shoes - thrifted Santorini

He's a junior! Named Daryle (according to the nursing home issued tag on the inside - sad!)

I enjoy shoes that are evocative of ducks (these were thrifted at the Goodwill on Wednesday, along with yesterday's epic boots):

Have a lovely weekend all, Valentine's day or not. I'm not huge on it; the boy and I will be going to the Franconia Sculpture Park in Wisconsin where our friend is a resident artist to watch an iron pour. Romantic, no? Either way, I love you, my readers, so here is your Valentine from Ralph Wiggum and I:

P.S. I'm in like Flynn! Me, selling my t-shirts at the Walker Art Center, April 17! I was one of 8 local artists chosen! Wahooo! Now I just need to go screenprint like 100 more shirts and make 500 more business cards between now and then!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am the luckiest girl.

Why am I smiling, you ask... it's a scroll-down reveal!

Gaaaaaaaa! Check the boots! I have NEVER had any luck finding boots at thrift stores, and I go a LOT. I found one pair of cowboy boots, four years ago. That's it! UNTIL NOW! Last night I made a quick stop by the Goodwill and found these deadstock gold-studded red suede boots, IN MY SIZE!!! $14! (which I was appalled by anyway - thrift stores, stop raising your prices because I hate fighting the crowds on half-price day!)

In more "Gaaaaaa!" news, someone from the Walker Art Center (the modern art museum in Minneapolis) emailed me because they have seen my t-shirts and are interested in selling them in the gift shop as part of their Local Artist T-shirt Mart this spring!!!!!!!! I emailed her back last night, so I'll let you in on the details when I know them!

I might explode and cover you all in sticky, gooey, honey happiness! Duck and cover!

edit: buzzkill = Alexander McQueen is dead?!?! How sad...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Priss

I kinda feel like I'm dressed like a prissy bitch today, but whatever. I'm into it.
Sweater - thrifted Ann Taylor Loft
Blouse - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Tights - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Baker's, like 10 years ago

I feel like I am seriously lacking in the motivation department this past week... I mean, I guess I was exceptionally productive this weekend, but sometimes, doing nothing for five minutes turns into doing nothing for two hours and then I feel bad.  I know I shouldn't - if I want to watch three episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker with my gay boys, it's my free time to waste as I please. I just know that there are things on my to-do list that have been there too long and I ought to be doing them. Oh well, I have Monday off work for President's Day and I know I'll get a ton done then!

Do you guys ever have this problem? I feel like watching TV or being online during my free time is "wasting it" and I should be cleaning, cooking, sewing, organizing, doing my taxes, reading, exercising, etc. I know I'm just hard on myself, but it's annoying to feel guilty over giving myself a lazy break once in a while!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

navy > black (um, that's a "greather than" sign... but you got that, right??)

I was so excited when I found this navy houndstooth dress at Arc's Value Village on half off day for $3! Even more so because is just fits! Seriously, my life would be so much easier if I could just lose like one inch of boobs. I know, I know, what a problem to have, and believe me, I used to have nooo boobs and always hoped they would miraculously appear. And did they! I was the latest of the late bloomers and grew five inches in height my freshman year of college (from 4'10" to 5'3"). Nothing like finally going through puberty at 18.  I think I'm really going to make sure I am exercising and eating right and see if I can lose like 5 lbs... I figure if I tend to gain weight in my chest, I would lose it there first, yes? Here's hoping!

Ok, is everyone sufficiantly feeling awkward after all that boob talk? Yes? We'll move on then!
Cardigan - Target
Dress - thrifted
Tights - TJ Maxx?
Shoes - got them in London 12 years ago, the brand wore off long ago (they have been falling apart for years and I will cry when they die... I LOVE them!)

There is so much fresh snow here - I love it when the sidewalks look like mazes because they are cleared and on the sides the snow is up past your knees!

 P.S. That crazy red dot on my hand is a band-aid because I sliced myself while dismantling destroyed vintage watches on Saturday... oops! Safety first kids!

P.P.S. I hope you have all noticed I have never ever ever worn anything from Forever 21... Amen, sisters.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Orange you glad I make lame jokes?

It is snow, snow, snowing here and I need a disco nap so we're gonna keep this short...

I had a 7:40 doctor appointment (elbow is still crazy!) and getting anywhere in the snow is impossible and makes me grouchy, so I dressed a little boring today (well, for me). 
Scarf - made by me!
Sweater - thrifted Isaac Mizrahi for Target
T-shirt - Target
Jeans - thrifted The Limited
Clogs - thifted

Once every 10 years the Minneapolis Institute of Arts has something called "Foot in the Door" where anyone who considers themselves an "artist" can drop off a piece, as long as it is smaller than one cubic foot. I quick whipped up a piece on Saturday and went and turned it in on Sunday. They started accepting submissions at 11:30, and I got there at 11:40 and still had to wait and hour and fifteen minutes in line. By the time I left at 1:00, the line was over three hours long! Yowza! Here is mine, titled "Perpetually Late"

I know it's not a big deal, but I'm so excited to have something I made in a real museum. The works will be displayed until June, so if you live in MPLS, go see them!

Friday, February 5, 2010

first mate of the S.S. boat without a name

I can't wait for spring so I can go sailing with the boy all the time (not that I usually dress the part, but went with a bit of a nautical look today!)
Cardigan - Target
Anchor pin - thrifted
T-shirt - Target
Pants - etsy (a vintage seller was shutting down her shop, so I got this blazer and pants set for $7!)
Loafers - thrifted Enzo Angiolini

Here's the blazer that came with these pants in action last summer (oooh, I miss my freckles, they fade so much in winter!):

So my client Daniel and I did go see Where the Wild Things Are last night and I did not like it at all! The monsters reminded me of junkies, having these huge fights, then having heart-felt apologies, only to do the exact same thing all over again. I don't know - I just didn't get it.

Today I have physical therapy for the crazy elbow, then I'm going to go running (much to the dismay of my fat crazy neighbor man who insists my treadmill's "whirring" disturbs him, so I usually run as soon as I get home from work, from 4pm to 5pm, because he doesn't get home until 5pm. But today I will be late and I'm sure he will come yell at me, he even called the police on me one time because I ran until 5:30. My other close neighbors in the condo have said yes, they can hear a whirring when I run, but it is quiet and no more bothersome than when someone is doing laundry or showering. He's just a grouchy dude.)

Here's hoping he's in a good mood today like I am! Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to eat lots of liquefied cheese products on Super Bowl Sunday!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roses are... grey?

I've had this dress since this fall but never wore it until now...it's just not a fall dress, but I think this sufficiently winterizes it until I can wear it this spring and summer.

I am proud of my $1 Frye belt...
Blazer - little boys, thrifted
Dress - thrifted (unfortunately the tag is cut out so IDK the brand)
Belt - thrifted, Frye
Tights - Target
Shoes - Modcloth (free thanks to Daddy Likey)

I'm picking up my special needs buddy early today, so I think we may go to the movies for the first time in like 2 years. He's not super into movies and neither am I, but Where The Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr. Fox are playing at the $2 theater, so I'll see which one he wants to see. We usually only hang out for 2.5 hours every Thursday and I don't want to waste our time together watching movies, but we have longer tonight so I figure it is a good day to stay out of the cold and eat popcorn!

Things I am excited for: Project Runway tonight, the Super Bowl is soooon, eating big soft pretzels (I make really good soft pretzels but they are kind of a pain to make, so I rarely do, but I always make them for the Super Bowl (and the Oscars)! Last year one of my guy friends begged me to make pretzels for him for his birthday instead of a cake, which I thought was so funny, so I did!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guatemalan insanity peppers

I know, this dress is a little bit banana-sauce-nuts, but whatevs. Sometimes there is nothing like a graphic black and white print ( I do have some standards though - the sleeves are also insanely patterned so I wore a cardigan to make it a little less, um, crazy? and perhaps slightly more modern?)

Cardigan - Target
Dress - thrifted (brand is Romantica by Victor Costa)
Shoes - Unlisted by Kenneth Cole, inherited from sister

I did a rather ruthless cleaning of one of my closets last night - I just had too many skirts accumulated that I haven't worn in like 10 years... so I have another bag of stuff to donate to charity, and one to hopefully sell to Buffalo Exchange or Everyday People. I feel sooo much better about that whole closet now! Wahoo! The boy has class until 9pm tonight, so another closet may get attacked this afternoon! I don't know why - I'm very much about trying to de-clutter my condo lately. 2010, the year of slightly less crap!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stop mocking me, February

Guh, it is getting to that time of year where I don't think I'll make it to spring! More snow, more negative temperatures, it's still so dark so early... February, you are my least favorite month! Well, you are Black History month, which is interesting and educational; you have Groundhog's Day which I hate because here in MN, there are at least 6 more weeks of winter, ALWAYS; you have Valentines Day, which I don't really care about or celebrate, but I get lots of Valentines at work from the kids which is sweet; and you have President's Day - so I get a little Monday day off! OK fine, you aren't so bad, February (plus my half-birthday will be on the 26th! I'll be 28.5! Actually that is bad, only 1.5 years until the dreaded thirty!). Thankfully you are a freakishly short month and it will be March before I know it and March = light at the end of the tunnel!

 Erm, I dressed like Christmas today?
Scarf - GAP outlet, years ago
Red tank - Nordstrom
Cardigan - Target
Cuff- World Market
Watch - Michael Kors
Skirt - thrifted Ann Taylor Loft
Olive green tights - DKNY
Shoes - thrifted Enzo Angiolini

Today = work, yoga with the kids, post office, Target (yay for finally getting groceries - I literally own nothing to eat - I ate the last of a box of cereal for breakfast, then lunch today is peanut butter on saltines and applesauce - which was my favorite lunch when I was like 8 but 20 years later it just seems sad! Plus all the Rodarte for Target stuff is on sale so I might finally buy something!) Then it will be T-shirt time - need to prep some screens and finish some drawings for some custom shirts! Bye darlings!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Big brass buttons

Totally inspired by Rachel Zoe and her outfit here. I am dressed for comfort today - I had to go get an EMG on both arms this morning, to see what is wrong with my left ulnar nerve. So I spent an hour having my nerves zapped with electricity and twitching, then having needles inserted in my muscles. Boo.
Scarf - thrifted
Sweater - Bloomingdales brand (belonged to my aunt)
Pants - thrifted The Limited
Shoes -  vintage deadstock shoes from Jabot's Boutique

So they said that the nerves around my left elbow are slower than they should be... so at least I'm not imagining things! I have an appointment with my orthopedist next Monday to discuss the test results and what to do next - this is all just so annoying! Stupid left arm, I never use you for anything, why are you so troublesome?!?


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