"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): May 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I've been meaning to write this for months, but the more time that went by, the less motivated I was to actually do it. It just seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to say...

I think I'm done blogging. 

I had a great time here for years. And I needed it. When I started this blog, I was working with juvenile delinquents and I hated it. I had a boyfriend of three years and I hated it. I dumped him and he turned violent and I had to stop seeing a lot of my "friends" in order to get away from the situation permanently. Blogging was a fun escape that helped me when I felt unmoored. During my 5+ years of writing here and photographing myself, I found a job I look forward to doing every day and the love of my life, Nate. We're trying to start a family and have been painstakingly restoring our 1941 home.

I started focusing on other things (like our neverending battle with 1960s wallpaper) and suddenly months had gone by without blogging. There are times I miss it, but mostly I don't. Blogging has become this other... thing. A thing about affiliate links and sponsorships and all I wanted was someone to appreciate my wacky vintage dress. I can't say for 100% certain that I'm gone forever. I loved having a record of my life here since I previously never had the discipline to write in a journal or keep track of much. But for now, I'm happy away from this space. 

I still wear clothes (and believe me some of them are as weird as ever) but it's been nice not to focus on it as much. I've been wearing more flats. And more things that I can get paint on. And it's been great. 

If you want to check up on me and see too many photos of our dog and our home projects, you can follow me on instagram here (I finally had to get a smart phone when my golden oldie stopped working.) Thank you all for your kind comments over the years, they really did get me through a rough period in my life and for that I will always love the blogging community.

Psst, I can't post without some photos so here's a few shots of our renovations:

The dining room before we bought the house... my dad said "looks like all you're missing is the casket"... it did give off a funeral home vibe.

What we found under that terrible carpet (well, after a lot of scraping, washing, and waxing)! Look at the inlayed wood border! 

The living room had the same blue carpet (as did the stairs and hallways upstairs)... here's what we found under that carpet:

And how it looks now: 

We juuuuuuust finished ripping down the wallpaper out of our 23x13 foot living room and painted it "Toy Tank Green" - I'm so thrilled but don't have any other shots of the living room put together yet.

Our retro kitchen (the stove, cupboards, countertops, and tiled wall were original to the home so we're leaving them!) We painted the walls black and still need to replace the vinyl floors, but so far I love it!

Also, Marla Hooch Olson would like to say hello:

And I'm about six months late on this:

Otherwise, here's a few highlights:

Seeing THE REPLACEMENTS, Wayne's World Halloween (Garth & Stacy aka Psycho Hose Beast)

A very cold Vikings game, the MN Twins home opener:

Fin. Probably?


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