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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What? I was making out with Barney, duh.

 Blazer - thrifted little boys, a million safety pins added by me
Tank - thrifted
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Melissa

Brass safety pin detail shot from last time I wore the blazer:

These lips are evidence. Evidence of my Barney make-out. (Hmm, maybe a bit sad that I have referenced Barney on this blog before...) Actually, the lipstick is Cover Girl Lip Perfection in "Divine."

I biked to work today... I was biking into 30mph wind gusts, going about 20mph on my bike, so basically my face got annihilated by 50mph wind... imagine a dog sticking it's head out a window on a highway and that was my commute to work today. Now my ears hurt. Also, I felt weird biking in purple lipstick.

It is Bob Dylan's 70th birthday today! Back in 2001, Bob Dylan did me a solid. I don't want to call it a favor, as that implied that I asked him to do it, which I did not. But Bob Dylan really helped me out of a jam, so Happy Birthday, Mr. Dylan! Also, he is from MN so the local public radio station is playing 70 of his songs and this morning they were playing a bunch of covers... if you haven't heard Rage Against the Machine, doing "Maggie's Farm" I highly suggest you listen to it. Sooo different. Anyway, I know I said I'd do a vlog of one of my stories so I will try to do the Bob Dylan story for you tonight... we'll see how it goes!

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