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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I don't know what it is but it seems like "cheating" to me when I buy vintage online vs. finding it myself through lots of hard work and digging... I've found and sold quite a few of these embroidered dresses but never found the perfect one, so I bought this one a few years ago. And it's perfect! I was surprised to see that this dress had only been worn twice before on the blog... it's something I grab a lot on weekends in the summer when I'm in a rush. It's just so easy and cute!
Dress - vintage via Santoki Vintage (I shortened it)
Bangles - thrifted
Sandals - London Underground

Three things:
#1 I somehow managed to wake up super late today (stupid cell phone buttons for "snooze and continually wake me every five minutes" and "ok, I'm actually getting up right now" are too close together!), thus the easy-peasy dress. But, it is waaaaaay more fun to try to make up time on a bike than stuck in rush hour traffic downtown. OMG, I was so insanely hot and red-faced when I got to work (on time, no less!) Whoopie!
#2 Mohawk Boy and I are going out for sushi tonight then to watch a movie at my house. I know, I hate movies. But it's not so bad because he knows I don't like to sit still for two hours so we take a lot of make-out on the couch breaks. Hey-o!
#3 I finally got around to watching Marwencol last night. I hate movies but I love documentaries and it is phenomenal and beautiful! I highly recommend it!

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