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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Buttoned-up pin-up

Hooray! Went to my first Twins game at their new outdoor stadium last night! And they won 5-1! And my favorite pitcher (Kevin Slowey, who gives me major lady-boners BTW) had an amazing game!
Kevin Slowey picture stolen from Typos in the Key of E from flickr (aka my friend Brooke)

It was super-dee-duper (yes, I totally just threw down a Barney reference, you wanna make somethin' of it?)
Didn't think so. Surf on.
Hair scarf - thrifted
Cardigan - the dawn of time itself (or 8th grade... if I had to guess I'd say it's from Pacific Sunwear?)
Dress - thrifted
Shoes - Juicy Couture

There is something about this (the hair scarf and polka dots?) that reminds me of old school pin-ups, just um, work appropriate.

On a totally unrelated note, people of the world, be nice to bikers. Share the road. Don't spit at them. When they are in the bike lane.  Yeah, it was a interesting bike ride back from the Twins game... go back to the 'burbs drunken dickholes.


Rebecca said...

I went to the Twins game last night too. I promise, I was not rude to any bikers.

Sal said...

You did NOT get spat upon. Oooooh, I'm gonna bust some heads, I swear ...

futurelint said...

Luckily the dude missed, but he TRIED to spit on us. Then there was a red light and we were stopped next to him, so we yelled at him about how we were clearly in the bike lane and the driver of the car apologized to us for his friend. It was super bizarre!

Clare said...

I canNOT believe some d-bag tried to spit on you. That's outrageous.

And also, you make a smokin' buttoned up pin-up!

EvaNadine said...

"major lady-boners"
i think i just peed myself that was so funny!

love the mix of polka-dots youve got goin on here!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

ohh i love that polka dotted dress!
i can't believe someone spit on you! i'd F them up!

Anna M said...

I agree, Kevin Slowey=lady boners (love that term, might have to steal it). :)
I am a Saint Paul resident and love reading your blog and checking your daily outfits. Your style is awesome! I loved your post about "Fake Target." My friends and I lovingly refer to it as "Target Thrift."

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Boo to the rude dudes who won't share the road (although I do miss the ease and general level of civility found while biking in the Twin Cities),
I love these polka dots. I get what you mean about the pin up style. I could image this print on a bathing suit that a young starlet might wear in a 1940s "cheesecake" photo.
But I dig the term "lady boner" best of all. I usually use it in the context of "that's a lady boner killer" but the positive way works too!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute (did I say cute?) shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT outfit! I love polka dots. And, especially as my dad is an avid cyclist...I concur. People get so hostile toward cyclists, and a good portion of the time they're following the rules of the road so leave 'em alone! When they're not, well, feel annoyed...but still don't spit on them!

lumikha said...

woohoo! polka dots...been seeing so much around and i love!

Kyla said...

"Lady boners" is the funniest and most amazing thing I've heard all month! ESPECIALLY when it segued into Barney. Holy crap.

halfpastafreckle said...

Love the polka dots and I don't understand rude people...in general...but especially to bikers! Just don't understand it!


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