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Friday, May 13, 2011

Three, tres, III

It's my three year blog-o-versary!
I am excited... but dubious.

It has officially been three years since I started this blog. On the day I started it, I had left my camera at a friend's house so I took the photo with the built in camera on my MacBook, while it was turned on it's side. We've come a long way, babies. I've seen blogs I love come and go. I've seen some turn from awesome daily lookbooks to essentially a catalog, trying to sell me shit I don't need and can't afford and they got for free. But I assure you, I will not do either of these things, I will stick around. Because I am okay blogging into a void. I never had a diary. Never in my life. This is as close as I'm gonna get (Dear diary, aka innernetz, OMG dudes, I CANNOT stop thinking about Mohawk Boy... at least I know he feels the same way... it is disgusting.) So here it is, for you thousand-odd readers a day, my style soul.

I kinda felt like I had to sum up myself and my style in this outfit, for some reason, which was both hard and easy. It's nothing Earth-shattering, but a general look I play off of a lot. Separates because dresses hate my big boobs and narrow hips, DIY and thrifted elements, some basics from my hometown hero Target, inappropriately tall and expensive shoes (comparatively speaking), and giving off the general vibe that I am looking to mate with a fellow hot dog. Although, I should have worn my hair up since that is kinda my signature style too... oh well!
Cardigan - thrifted J.Crew
Tank - Target
Necklace - thrifted
Belt - thrifted Ann Taylor
Skirt - thrifted, shortened and I added the thrifted doilies
Sandals - Frye

I have always dressed a bit different from everyone else, ever since I can remember. And I wish I had more photos of some of the shit I wore (assignment for when I go visit the 'rents this summer: go through old photos and scan and blog some of my '80s and '90s insanity... it's something to see.) I can't say how this blog changed my life because I have no idea what would have happened had I not started it. I would probably be a stripper, erm, I mean dancer or dead. Ok, probably not, but who knows?!? Anyway, let's wax sentimental for a moment and say I love you, Void. Blogosphere. Haters. (Denise.) Whoever you are, dear reader. Mom. New readers. Old readers. Lurkers. People who think I'm judgey because I don't give a shit about Anthropologie and would NEVER wear shit from F21, UO, Zara, H&M, and all those other trendy mall stores, but will still wear stuff from Target. Or because I have no specific feelings toward cupcakes or macaroons. For all the outfits you loved, or hated, and those days that even I look back on and I am embarrassed that I wore that two years ago but it was a bad day and shut up anyway. I feel so lucky to have girls (err, women... I still have trouble referring to myself as a "woman") all across the country, well, the world actually who stop by and read this silly thing. And I feel like I've found some kindred spirits who understand my closet obsession, and they have become friends. Thank you. THANK you. Thank YOU...

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