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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Animal print

I don't wear traditional "animal print" things... like leopard spots or zebra stripes... I don't know why. I know so many people wear them constantly but I just can't do it. This insanity being the one exception... however actual animal prints... as in prints of an animals silhouette, I can get behind! I was really at a loss at how to dress today because it's crazy humid and like 70 degrees, but with 30-45mph winds... I figured wearing a maxi skirt was smart because it ensures I won't flash anyone in a wind gust.
Scarf - street vendor in Seoul, Korea
Tank - Target
Bangles - some thrifted, some from high school
Skirt - Kohl's? Years ago.
Sandals - MIA

I bought about a million of these enamel bracelets at some vaguely ethnic shop when I was a freshman in high school, so like 15 years ago?

I had a really fun and relaxing weekend and I only have seven more days of work left until school is out for summer! Then I have a few weeks off where I'll work a few photo booth shifts but that's it. Then I'll work summer school from 8am - 12pm for six weeks. Then I'll have a few more weeks off where I'll only do the photo booth. Ahhh, summer. So easy peasy. Love it!

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