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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Chiffon Army

It's like the KISS Army, except not at all like the KISS Army. This skirt is so ethereal, it's difficult to wear it in a casual manner. I want to wear it to work but I also don't want to look regoddamndiculous. Last time I wore it, it was Valentine's Day so you kinda get a free pass to dress like a nut that day (at least at my school). So I tried to pair it with a casual white tee today, but it still felt too... whisper on the wind? I don't know, so I threw on a vaguely military-ish vest and chunky sandals and I wound up loving the end result!
 Vest - thrifted (no tags) 
T-shirt - Target 
Leaf pin - thrifted 
Skirt - thrifted (no tags) 
Sandals - Frye

I actually really don't have anything to say today! It's been gorgeous out all week, I've got my disabled buddy Daniel tonight, followed by a quick visit with Mohawk Boy because we are at that gross early part of our relationship where you feel like you're gonna die if you don't see the other person all the time. It's disgusting, but life is good!

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