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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just me and the Colonel

Who rocks a string bow tie? Just me and Colonel Sanders.
 Oxford - Polo Ralph Lauren (hand-me-down from aunt)
String tie - thrifted
Pin - thrifted
Cuff - thrifted
Cropped pants - Target
Sandals - Dezario

 I felt like the eagle riding a motorcycle pin was a necessary addition to combat the overly preppy polo shirt.

I love string ties! I also have a cream one, a bright green one, and one I haven't worn yet that's navy blue and some sort of a commemorative souvenir from a horse competition? I'll bust it out soon. It's awesome.

Hopefully I do not frighten off Mohawk Boy with my southern gentleman style today. That was my way of telling you I have another date tonight. Subtle, no? No biggie, we're just going to go eat pizza and spaz out over the fact that Fransisco Liriano threw a no-hitter last night against the White Sox. Yesss. Cute boys and baseball, life is good (even though the Twins in general are sucking so far this year)!

P.S. I added a tag to indicate days I biked to work. I don't want to focus the blog too much on biking, but I also want people to be aware that it's easy to bike in a variety of outfits and you don't have to make a whole production out of it and buy all this special gear. I'm not gonna retroactively add the tag to past posts, but will do it from now on (I bike pretty much every day it is not supposed to rain all day).


two birds said...

well the kentucky derby is this weekend, so your "southern gentleman" style works perfectly! you do rock it, even better than the colonel, if i do say so myself!

Rebecca said...

I like the string tie! Have fun on your date. Pizza and baseball is a good combination.

Sal said...

Love it, colonel. Also SO impressed that you bike in your work clothes. I have to change into sweaty-gal bike gear or I just stink too much!

Kimi said...

I used to bike to work on W. 7th, and I almost died several times. St. Paul isn't as bike-friendly as Mpls, I guess. Also, I would sweat like crazy! So now I drive.

Mohawk boy would be crazy not to dig a chick who can sport a jaunty, Colonel Saunders-esque bowtie with such effortless aplomb.

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I love seeing women in fashion biking around DC. No need for a major production. If I worked closer I totally would be biking it!

And I love the bow, Colonel. Great detail and very cute!

Sarah said...

Will I get banned from commenting if I deploy the Col's famous tag line in reference to your outfit? ...'cause it is! A post about your bike commute (how far, what kind of traffic / terrain, etc.) would definitely be of interest to wannabe bikers!

Megan Mae said...

You biked in those shoes? I love the tie, and how well they match the shoes.


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