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Friday, May 6, 2011

Violet Beauregarde

This outfit makes me feel like I might turn into a grape after chewing some non-FDA approved gum.
 Dress - thrifted Target sample
Rope - off a dress?
Bangles - thrifted
Socks - Target
Sandals - Soda via lulus.com

Another fun weekend... tonight I'm going out with Mohawk Boy and a few of his friends to see some local bands. Tomorrow evening is my first shift at my new summer job! Two of my best friends own a traveling photo booth company (which they started a few years ago and they now have franchises all over the country!) and I'm going to be a booth attendant. So basically, I get paid to dress up, go to a wedding and get people to make faces in a photo booth. Awesome. So I'll probably start posting photo booth outfits on Saturdays, since that is when most of my shifts will be. I'm super excited. Sunday? I don't know yet, it depends on these so-called "scattered showers", but hopefully it will involve brunch and a looooooong bike ride.

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