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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EBEW Florals

It's florals day for EveryBody, EveryWear...
 Jean jacket - thrifted GAP kids
Dress - thrifted vintage (tags removed, so I don't know the brand, sorry!), shortened by me
Braided leather belt - thrifted
Shoes - thrifted vintage Candies
Florals | Everybody, Everywear
This dress is too scandalous for work without the jean jacket but if I go out later, here's what it looks like on it's own and the cool back! I really tried to take the volume out of my hair today by letting it air dry. I really like it this way now that it's getting longer!

Florals I have known and loved. (dramatic, eh?) Click on them to go to the flickr page if you want the outfit info.

1-31-11 Christine8-10-10 Let's picnic!
7-20-10 The flop5-20-10 The grand experiment
7-13-10 Cultural appropriation5-19-10 Lonely little dress
2-9-11 Barbie Pink4-22-10 Sleeping beauty
5-13-10 Le Ta-tas4-9-09 Pale floral
6-11-10 Whole 'nother level3-10-09 Madame secretary
3-17-09 No, I'm not Irish.3-1-10 Hmm, I don't usually wear much black

Phew! Every time I do these round-ups for EBEW, it reminds me just how many clothes I have... too many.

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