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Monday, May 9, 2011


Orangey Preppy And Nerdy Girl... I'm inventing acronyms and that is mine for today.
Glasses - thrifted vintage American Optical, lenses replaced
Sweater - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Polo - from when I was a bev cart girl at a golf course
Necklaces - bright one - flea market, yellow-orange one - Kohl's
Bangles - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted Converse SAMPLE
Shoes - Unisa

A million detail shots today (or four.) The sweater has argyle details on the sides of the torso and sleeves that are hard to capture in a front-facing shot.

I had a really fun weekend, I went to the Hexagon on Friday to see some bands with Mohawk Boy. It was really fun; I might like him a little bit more than a lot. I'd seen the local band Phantom Tails a few times before and they were good. Before them were a band called Prospector from NY who I'd never heard before and loved. Saturday was my first shift for the photo booth. Sunday I was pretty much lazy all day (which was perfect since it was rainy). I did some dishes and laundry, but also watched Pretty in Pink and Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead... I don't usually watch many movies so it was kind of fun, actually. It was Mother's Day and unfortunately my mom lives six hours away, but luckily I just saw her on Easter... still, let's make up for my lack of mom time by embarassing her by telling her she's pretty. And awesome. And pretty awesome. Here is her senior portrait from high school in 1971:
Aww, isn't she pretty? I never thought we looked much alike (though we are the same height while the rest of the fam is tall) but as I get older, I think I'm starting to look more like her... especially when I straightened my hair that one time. Anyway, she is a fabulous mother. A+ all round. Let's also hope I inherited her ability to not put on weight as I get older. On her 30th wedding anniversary a few years ago, my mom threw on her wedding dress and zipped it up like it was no big thing. Impressive, no? And while I'm bragging about my awesome mom, I'll also add that she sewed her wedding dress herself. Amazing.

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