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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why hello there!

Well, I guess I am jumping on this whole blog bandwagon... yet another fashion, art, crafting, and just looking for loveliness everywhere type of deal. So... here is a little about me... I am 26 and work at an urban middle school, dealing with all the "bad" kids (aka they come visit me when they get kicked out of class or get in a fight, etc). I love it but am moving on after two years, I feel like I need something where I can be more creative and have less stress and drama. What is that new job? Who knows? Just starting to look. But I am lucky and have a summer job waitressing and bartending at a golf club for the summer til I figure it out. My first attempt at selling my creations is here
my etsy...

and yes, I am obviously the one with the red curly hair.

Here is what I wore today!

Til next time...

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