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Thursday, October 18, 2012


WARNING! Gratuitous baby nephew photo post. No outfit posts today, just HENRIK! Turn back now if you're one of those weird anti-baby photo peeps.

Ok, ok, I know I said I'd be gone til Monday but it's my nephew Henrik's birthday today! One year ago today, I sat in the waiting room of the hospital for oh, 13 hours or so waiting for Henrik and sewing the vintage wolf patch on the back of this cardigan so I didn't freak out.

Fresh outta the womb... looking like the Whos down in Whoville.


Rocking my shirts in both photos...

The Gene Simmons tongue phase... and the teething phase which is still going on...
Henrik is teething.

Getting babysat by the Nater Tot...

More babysitting...

Here's some photos from his first birthday photo shoot this past weekend... from Michelle Tanner Photography (insert your own Full House joke here.) 

I'm excited for his party on Saturday! The theme is "It's the Great First Birthday, Charlie Brown!" Great Pumpkin themed, cute!

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