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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Phyllis Nefler costume

Here you go, Hallowen 2012, I'm Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills!
Hat - vintage
Cape - vintage via PetticoatsPlus
Skirt - thrifted Banana Republic
Purse - thrifted, girl scout patches added by me
Boots - Diba

This was a super easy costume to make, all I had to buy was a cape and I just added green ribbon to it. I glued some girl scout patches to a cheap thrifted purse, and that's it! I wasn't recreating a specific outfit from the movie, just a general Phyllis Nefler look.
Troop Beverly Hills purse

Nate was a Ghostbuster...
Ghostbuster and Phyllis Nefler

Some previous Halloween costumes...
2011, I was Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas:
10-28-11 Sally costume!  (The Nightmare Before Christmas!)

2010, I was a reverse mermaid. Fish on top, lady on the bottom. Not as sexy, but far more practical:
10-31-10 I'm a reverse mermaid!

2009, I was Maude Lebowski from The Big Lebowski, in the hallucination scene:
Maude Lebowski

2008, I was Frida Kahlo:

2007, I was the bee girl from Blind Melon's No Rain video:
Geisha, Operation Man, Blind Melon Bee Girl

 I also "resurrected" the costume for the 2010 Zombie Pub Crawl, so I was a "Zom-Bee" girl then too:
Dancing, eating brains

2006, I was a pregnant high school cheerleader:
Pregnant high school cheerleader

Before that, all of my photos are "real" photos not digital so I'll have to scan them next time I'm at my mom and dad's house. There's a few crazy ones!

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