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Monday, October 15, 2012

Peaches and wine

Necklace - gift
Cardigan - thrifted newstock Target
Dress - Lauren Conrad
Wedges - Nine West Vintage America Collection

necklace detail

Well I had a busy weekend, but luckily it's a short work week (we have Thursday and Friday off!) On Friday night, Nate and I went to see 4onthefloor at First Ave. It was a really good show!
4onthefloor at First Ave

Then Saturday morning we had our bike repair class from 9am-12pm. We learned to take apart and repair brakes and how to adjust gears and shifters. It was super exciting! And it worked! I actually know what I'm doing! Then Saturday night we went to my friend Megan and John's place for their welcome back party! They were living in San Fransisco while Megan got her PhD in psychology. Now they're back! Yaaaaay! Megan and I were looking at these old photos of the two of us from college and she has her leg up on my hip while hugging me in like a million of them. So we recreated it like 12 years later:

Sunday, we watched football all day as usual, but I also made biscuits and gravy from scratch (using Martha Stewart's recipe) and it was ridiculously good. Then for dinner I made tomato bisque (using Ina Garten's recipe) using some of the tomatoes we grew in Nate's garden (some cherry, grape, and Heirloom tomatoes!) We had to pick all the green tomatoes last week as it's been so cold at night here so we've got another big batch of them ripening in a bag in the basement! 
Heirloom tomatoescherry and grape tomatoes

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