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Thursday, September 20, 2012

You're a hero!

Ugh, this post is going to be much later than usual... this morning I did take a few outfit photos, but then I forgot my camera at home. I also made coffee and forgot it at home. Boo, what a crappy start to the day! Guess I should just get up like 5 minutes earlier so I don't have to rush in the morning (but it's hard to get out of bed - it's so coooooold. I refuse to close my balcony door. The two are clearly unrelated problems.)
9-20-12 You're a hero!
Cardigan - thrifted school uniform, back vintage wolf patch added by me
Polo - from when I was a bev cart girl at a golf course
Skirt - thrifted vintage
Shoes - Simply Vera
The awesome back:
9-20-12 back

Let's throw in a tribute to this skirt, shall we? I found it at the Goodwill Outlet (where you pay by the pound) over four years ago. In fact here's the post where I found it. It cost me around $1-$1.50. It's a thick knit, so it gets a good three seasons of wear every year.

Past wearings of the skirt, click on the photo to go to my flickr page if you want the oufit details...

P.S. I find it necessary to point out the first photo on the right side is from "80s Day" during my school's Spirit Week. I did not, in fact, rock that outfit on the realz.
12-17-08 It's '80s Day!9-26-08 Seahorses
3-26-09 I'm outta here!2-9-09 My favorite colors
11-16-11 Cranes and seagulls9-15-11 #2 Pencil
2-1-12 Squirrels and skulls and crack1-19-12 Exploded crayons
3-13-12 Sorry, Muppets

Honestly, I thought there would be more outfits with the skirt but I realized I also have three other mustard skirts. So there would be a looooooot more outfits featuring this skirt if I didn't own these alternatives... just showing one example of each skirt, we don't need to get toooooo carried away here.

9-21-10 Springing fall
Rodarte for Target

6-8-11 Flowers and things6-22-11 Happy bags
                                            vintage                                                                Brooklyn Industries

Mustard skirts, total wardrobe staple. Who knew?

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