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Thursday, September 15, 2011

#2 Pencil

Yes, it's a pencil skirt, the 2nd pencil skirt in a row, and it's the same color as actual pencils. Yesssss. Actually, I just bought a vintage green pencil skirt and hand washed it last night, perhaps I will rock it tomorrow and make it three wool pencil skirts in a row! Watermelon, mustard, and hunter green... it'll be like a fashion traffic light. (I'm a nerd... these are the things that thrill my little heart.)

Jean jacket - thrifted Wax Jeans
Blouse - vintage Bryn Mawr (from the Seoul Folk Flea Market in Korea)
Skirt - thrifted vintage (no tags)
Wedges - Nicole (hand-me-downs from my friend Megan)

Toodles, dudes and dudettes!

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