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Friday, April 2, 2010

South Korea, day five! (and half of day six!)

On Thursday I went to the Seoul Museum of Art to see their huge Andy Warhol exhibit. They have taken out most of the permanent collection and have tons of art and artifacts from Warhol's life! I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the collection, but I bought a book for 10,000 won (about $10) so I can remember all the pieces I saw.

Then I took the subway to Hongik University to do some shopping and wandering around. Here is everything I bought that day (a cardigan, two shirts, a blue dress, and the Warhol book)

Then Megan and I met up with three other English teachers. We went to The Wolfhound which is an Irish Pub in the American part of town. The teachers here meet up every Thursday to eat something other than Korean food, as they understandably get sick of it and long for comfort food. So burgers it was! We met up with a few more teachers who were just finishing up Trivia Night at a local pub and had a few more cocktails before cabbing home around 1am.

Now it is Friday afternoon and I'm waiting for Megan to get home. This morning I went to the Seoul Folk Flea Market. It was awesome! There was so much stuuuuuuff! Good thing I don't live here or I would have come home with a million old trunks and dressers. The antique stuff was amazing! I also didn't want to try to carry a heavy jade statue through customs (plus most of the ones I like were really pricey, especially since I don't know how to haggle in Korean, so I get foreigner prices)
I am waiting for Megan to get home from work, then we are going to go meet our friend Nick because my OTHER friend Megan is flying in to Seoul tonight (I was the maid of honor in her destination cruise wedding this past November). I'm excited to see her, even if I'll only see her for a bit tonight, all day tomorrow, and in the morning on Sunday (I leave here around 2pm and fly to LA, then on to Minneapolis!) I can't believe my trip is almost over! It's been super fun and interesting and a lot different than I thought it would be. I am amazed at how big and modern the city is, how friendly and nice the people are, and how amazingly safe the city is. This will probably be my last post until Monday, unless I get bored during my LA layover! I'm looking forward to going home and sleeping in a real bed!!


halfpastafreckle said...

I am so glad you are having a wonderful time! I would start drooling over the buddhas at the flea market!

Suze said...

My sister has wanted to go to Korea FOREVER! I told her about your trip, and your posts, so she might have some questions for you, if that's ok!


PS- her blog is http://shoeaday.wordpress.com


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