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Friday, September 16, 2011

It's a go...

Well, I did it... I completed the fashion traffic light of wool pencil skirts.

Cardigan - thrifted men's Winona Knits
Blouse - thrifted Kenneth Cole
Skirt - thrifted Ann Tjian for Kenar
Socks - ??
Shoes - thrifted deadstock Target

I generally dress pretty colorfully, but this week was exceptionally bright I think (and kinda rainbow-ish when put in order... a happy accident!):

Yay! Friday! I'm excited because tonight Mohawk Boy and I and another couple are going to tour the Surly Brewing Co. They make my favorite beer in the whole world which is called "Coffee Bender." It's a dark beer that is fermented with whole coffee beans in it (which are then removed before it is canned... yes, their beers all come in pint cans!) Delicious! Unfortunately you can only buy Surly in MN for now, but I'm sure that will change eventually. It's like a cult here, the Surly cult of devotees. I've also got to work the photo booth for a wedding at the zoo (!) on Saturday and may go to the Renaissance Faire if it doesn't rain on Sunday (and if it does, foooootball, here I come!)

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