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Friday, September 23, 2011

J. Crew vibes

I kinda feel like I fell off the pages of the J. Crew catalog today... but I'm not actually wearing anything from J. Crew...
Striped oxford - thrifted vintage Melrose Silk Studios
Sweater - thrifted vintage Devon Original
Pants - thrifted Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Shoes - Michael Kors

Also, I FINALLY got around to making a new blog header!  Hooray, it's about time! It was fun picking what photos to use for it, trying to define my indefinable style with six bottoms and six tops!
I wanted to keep the same style of the original one, because I like to imagine that the photos up there are like my own little Fashion Plates... I loved them as a kid and I'm still mixing and matching like a madman! But I finally stopped looking at the ground in all my photos because I stopped being too lazy to edit out my red devil eyes in Picnik and figured out how to edit them properly so they're not so dark. So the old header was just looking sad by comparison.

And actually, that wasn't the original one... I had this tiny one for the first few months of the blog and it's still my etsy header... this one needs some updating for my etsy too! I'll get on it! Soon!

P.S. A big double-awesome thank you to Kelsey of Kelsey Creates for this post on how to add a "Pin It" button to all your blogger posts You're my hero!

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