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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Axl N' Slash

I'll do two regular outfit posts tomorrow so I don't get behind because TODAY IS HALLOWEEN! My favorite! I'm not sure if Nate and I will dress up again tonight (cause we're old and both have to work tomorrow) but we did last weekend. On Friday our friends Mel and Jake were having a costume party. On Saturday we went to our favorite dive bar with a few friends. So here we go!




I've never done a couple's costume before but I figured that since we're newlyweds we should have a costume that allowed us to make-out all over town. And who doesn't want to see Axl Rose and Slash kissing?!?! When we were at the CC Club (dive bar) on Saturday, people even clinked their glasses a few times so we would kiss - it was pretty funny! 

These were the easiest costumes ever too! Nate had to buy the wig and hat and we put on a few extra fake tattoos but everything else was just stuff we already owned! 


P.S. You can see a retrospective of my elaborate past costumes here.

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