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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fancy flannel

Here's Friday's get-up from when the weather finally cooled down a bit and decided to start acting more like fall around here.

Flannel - c/o Duluth Trading Company
Skirt - thrifted
Wedges - Ralph Lauren

The Duluth Trading Company contacted me about reviewing a flannel and I was super excited! I live in MN, and somehow didn't own even one piece of flannel! Sacrilege! Especially if I am to believe their (hilarious) Flannel Report on the Top Ten Most Flannel Cities in the U.S. We came in at #4 due to our freezing temps, love of Paul Bunyan, and excess of wall-mounted animals. Nate was super jealous of my new shirt (he's a flannel aficionado) and I can see why! It's super comfy and warm (duh) and I also wore it practically all weekend (but with jeans) while hauling, of all things, a new vintage plaid couch (which I'll show you soon!)

P.S. This flannel shirt is also going to be a crucial part of my upcoming Halloween costume! It's an all around win!

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