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Monday, October 14, 2013

Love for sale

Friday was the last warm day, I fear. Getting dressed is so much easier when it's warm. Two things. Done.
Dress - vintage via santokivintage.etsy.com
Sandals - Target

After work on Friday, Nate picked me up and we went to visit my sister and my nephews (my bro-in-law was out of town because he's a pilot. So he's basically always out of town.) They just bought a new house so we went to go see it and attempt to wrangle the boys for a bit so my sister could do some more unpacking. It was crazy! Henrik is almost two and only has one speed: supersonic and directly toward the sharpest and most dangerous corner he can find. Peder is two months old and only has one volume: screaming at the top of his lungs. Buuuuut I hope we succeeded in tiring them both out enough that they slept in a bit the next day. Maybe?

Also, we're not above buying love, hence the old timey pedal car we brought for Henrik for an early birthday present:

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