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Friday, October 25, 2013

Awkward squared

Yesterday was school picture day at work and I totally forgot until like 10 minutes before the bus came! I was (of course) wearing a shirt that had crazy shoulder doo-dads at the time. So I quick ran upstairs and changed! IDK if a western shirt was the right choice but whateves...

Shirt - vintage Wrangler
Heart necklace - vintage
Pants - Target
Wedges - nicole (inherited from a friend)

Trying to coordinate and photograph my coat every day since I have so many goddamn coats...
Jacket - vintage Knit Fashions, Inc

Speaking of school photos, Nate and I used our childhood portraits and school photos for our table numbers at the wedding. So table one had a photo of us both when we were one year old, table two at two years old, etc. Here are my two faves...

Nate has hockey hair and ONE GIANT TOOTH? I'm in! And of course I've got the requisite "50% of my head is bangs" look that was popular in 1987. (P.S. I would totally wear my outfit from the photo now if it fit.)

This was back when Nate used to get arrested for skateboarding all the time and he looks EXACTLY like Reese from Malcolm in the Middle... I was slowly transitioning out of my tomboyness but still refused to wear make-up.

There's plenty more awkward photos where these came from, so maybe one day I'll post some more of them. We both had some amazingly large glasses for a while too! 

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