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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Triple double

Yesterday... a TRIPLE denim day.
Blouse - thrifted vintage Wrangler
Jeans - Gap
Wedges - Franco Sarto

vintage embroidered Wrangler shirt

I feel like today should be Nate the Date appreciation day. Yesterday he came to my work on my lunch break and we walked to the government center to get our marriage licence. Except I stupidly forgot to transfer my wallet from my purse to my work bag so he had to go to my house to get that first since you need an ID to get your marriage licence.

I went home after work and ran 3 miles, ate dinner, and sat to watch a movie and grabbed a Harper's Bazaar from the stack I accumulated all summer but didn't have time to read, when I suddenly got a bright dot in the center of my vision. It hurt to look at and I felt like I'd been staring directly at the sun. The spot started to expand in my vision into a bigger and bigger circle made of shimmering light and the center of the spot was totally blurry. I was totally freaked out! I was hallucinating and I knew it and I couldn't figure out how to stop it. Luckily the spot kept expanding and expanding until suddenly it left my vision (after 10 minutes or so) and I felt mostly normal (except my eyes were crazy dilated and any light hurt them a lot.) Nate came over in case it happened again but after a bit of Google sleuthing I found it - it was a Scintillating scotoma (which luckily was not followed by a migraine. I've never had one and hope I never do.) 

So here's to Nate coming to save me when I forget things all the time and when I freak out because I'm seeing invisible lightning. He's a helluva guy, good thing I'm marrying him, huh?

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