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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The barn door

3-7-13 The barn door
Glasses - Prada
Sweater - thrifted vintage Kentfield Casuals
Necklae - my mom found it at a garage sale
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - Cynthia Rowley
Shoes - Seychelles

The farm sweater is back. I don't know why I love this sweater so much. Maybe just because it's fun and maybe because I love the barn at my parents house so much. My parents do not live on a farm. But when we moved to Wisconsin from Chicago, our house was surrounded by overgrown fields and we only had a gravel driveway. We spent all our summers riding 3-wheelers through the fields and shooting archery at hay bales. 

Then slowly, houses popped up in the fields and roads were paved and then more houses and more roads appeared and suddenly my parents are in the middle of this very suburban-type neighborhood with a lawn that's well over an acre and a huge barn in front of the house. It's weird and awesome. The downstairs part is full of motorcycles, mopeds, a muscle car or two, jet-skis, and huge industrial tools that belong to my dad. The upstairs, was turned into a sports bar of sorts by my brother when he still lived at home. There's video games and a pool table and darts and even an old Pachinko machine. It's awesome and I hope my parents never move!

Ahhh, this past summer in the barn...
playing darts in my parents' barn

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