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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I can't call these "studded shoulders" as they're not studs, they're discs. "Disced shoulders?" I'm making it a thing.
Scarf - Target
Watch - Michael Kors
Cropped pants - Target
Shoes - Ralph Lauren


OMG, I had to go buy black pants and black tennis shoes for my new summer job yesterday (yeah, I didn't own black pants. Haven't for years.) I'll thrift a couple more pairs of pants when I have time but I wanted to just go find a pair with no long search because I've got to start work tomorrow. So I went to Old Navy. I have not been in a "mall-type" store in YEARS. It was depressing. It smelled like plastic and there were just rows and rows and rows of the same shit in every size and every color and it just made me think of how all this crap is gonna be in a landfill. Buy your polka dot jeans today, for tomorrow we die.

I bought my stupid $20 pants any way but it reminded me of why I pretty much only shop at thrift stores (yeah, and the occasional basics like jeans and tees from Target or J.Crew). You could really outfit an army of trend monsters in that store and made me want to stop shopping for new things all together. It wouldn't be hard, 90% of what I own is thrifted anyway, it's just so hard to find pants and shoes at thrift shops, especially when you need them today, so I get lazy! 

Oh the irony. Nothing I'm wearing is thrifted today, for the first time probably ever.

But it's one of those things that is easy to make excuses for... I bought this shirt on vacation, so it gets a pass. This scarf was $6 and I'll wear it forever. This watch was my reward for getting my dream job! I needed black shoes for the photo booth because my last pair (which were my sister's hand-me-downs from 14 years ago fell apart finally!) Sigh, one day I'll stop with the excuses and stop buying things new. Just not today, I guess.

P.S. Being hard on myself for no reason is one of my favorite hobbies, apparently.

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