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Monday, March 25, 2013

Brownie points

3-25-13 Brownie
Cardigan - Old Navy
Dress - vintage via church garage sale
Bangles - thrifted, antique shops, etc.
Tights - Target
Shoes - Michael Kors

I had an interesting weekend... my first shift at the golf club went well! All the staff and members were super nice and it's very similar to the other golf club that I worked at for 9 summers. 

Saturday night Nate and I were just hanging out and we noticed a light coming from my neighbor's outside door because his door was open and the screen on the door was wide open. It was 1am, 15 degrees outside, and he's in his 70s. So we crept up to the screen door to see if we could see anything. He was on the couch, clutching his chest, and we couldn't see him breathing. I called the police to come check on him because I didn't want to start randomly yelling and banging on his door to see if he was just asleep with the screen open in 15 degree weather all night or if he was dead. The police showed up and he was just sleeping but they said they were glad I called because it did look suspicious that his door was wide open when it was so cold and it would have been dangerously cold inside his condo by morning. Geez!

Then Sunday Nate and I went to a state forest, just to walk around for a bit and look for some deer antler sheds. And my car got stuck. In the snow. In the middle of nowhere. For a long time. Luckily we got pulled out and also stopped at an antique shop on the way home. 

Excitement, all around! 

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