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Friday, March 15, 2013

Slouchy hat, crisp shirt

It's Friday, I work at an arts school, and I haven't worn a beanie to work since December! Sacrilege! I gotta take advantage of the casual dress code for the rest of you schmoes stuck in corporate wear.

Hat - thrifted newstock Target
Blouse - thrifted vintage Gant
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Madeline

Hat and shirt detail...
GANT Shirtmakers detailIMG_0508

It's alllllllmost the weekend and I've got a job interview for a summer job at a golf club on Saturday. Here's hoping they're decently cool and won't refuse to hire me just because I've got a few visible tattoos... a seahorse on my forearm does not hinder my ability to make you a vodka tonic but you never know with these country club types! Ugh, have I mentioned how much I hate applying for jobs? Especially ones like this where you can't just email a resume and cover letter. You have to fill out their specific application, with like a pen, what??? Is this the 1800s? Let me quick go get my feather and ink pot.

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