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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My kinda sign

FYI, I've had this asymmetrical cardigan since 8th grade...
3-27-13 My kinda sign
Hair scarf - thrifted
Sweater - Esprit
Oxfords - thrifted
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Minnetonka Moccasins

Today was the first day I didn't wear my big ol' boots to the bus stop. It was only 25 degrees this morning but it's supposed to be in the 40s later. Woo! Plus, I saw my first official sign of spring! There's a man who rides my bus in the morning and he has a huge tattoo covering his left calf, which I see all spring, summer, and fall because he always wears shorts. It is a scene of fully nude pole dancers, and we are talking about some graphic detail on these ladies and their um, lady bits. Today he wore shorts for the first time since last fall! Spring! It's happening! Not from the sight of an early flower bud or a robin, but from the annual appearance of the stripper leg. 

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