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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mr. Cool

I kinda love this outfit. The mix of fancy Missoni scarf (found it last year for $24 down from $300) with ripped jeans is preeeeeetty awesome if I do say so myself. I've had these jeans forever and the holes happened naturally and keep getting bigger (pre-ripped photo here from 4.5 years ago). 
Scarf - Missoni
Blazer - thrifted vintage JH Collectables
T-shirt - American Apparel
Watch - thrifted Star Trek
Typewriter key bracelet - gift
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Shoes - Seychelles

Add in two of my other favorite things... The Enterprise watch and the bracelet says "So it goes." from back in my Vonnegut obsessed days (still love him, forever and ever)... and it all adds up to a pretty good day (well, except I have to go for my yearly get-poked-in-the-lady-business appointment later, TMI, I know.)

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