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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stitch it up

Just because it snowed again last night, doesn't mean I can't bust out some springy colors today...

3-15-13 Stitch it up
Glasses - Prada
Sweater - hand-me-down from a friend (no tags)
Oxford - thrifted little boys Cherokee
Belt - thrifted
Pants - thrifted Banana Republic (altered by me from long flares)
Shoes - Plenty by Tracy Reese

Work has been kicking my ass this week. We made it through most of the winter without any major outbreaks of flu, strep throat, or lice hitting the school. And now this week, everything has been falling apart and it's just been BUSY down here. On Tuesday there were kids sitting on the floor in my office because every cot and chair was taken. Lots of puke and fevers, some stitches... I'm ready for a day off! Spring break, where are you??? However, if there was a game show called "How Many Stitches Does This Wound Need?" I would totally be world champion. Someone develop it. I need to win fabulous prizes.

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