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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Squirrels and skulls and crack

Growing up in the '90s, I have an aversion to the excessive use of the words "crack", "monkey" and "cheese." It was just the middle-school times I guess, everyone was  "on crack" or a "crack monkey" who smelled like "butt cheese" or some other random assemblage of those words. Anyway, I'm gonna break my own rule and say that this sweater was clearly made due to "Donna Karen: The Crack Years." I am not sure why the sleeves have squirrels, bunnies, cherries, hearts, flowers, and skulls on them. Or why Donna Karen of all people put them there. Regardless, I, of course, love it. Can you tell I'm ready for spring?

Sweater - DKNY (years ago)
Skirt - thrifted vintage (no tags)
Socks - Target
Shoes - Bakers

Oh hey, and if you need some additional Christine in your life (you clearly have a Christine deficiency, everyone is just too polite to point it out), you can head over to A Little Slice of Special where the adorable Lorilynn has a little piece up featuring me, for Why I Blog Wednesdays!

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