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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Careless Whisper

I felt like "Careless Whisper" was a good title for this outfit as it was so soft and ethereal and shit. But then I started laughing because last time I was visiting Nate's family, the two of us went to an antique shop and on the ride back, I had on some random mix CD in my car. Careless Whisper by George Michael came on when we were almost back to his parent's house, so Nate drove me around town for all seven minutes of the song because "it suddenly got sexxxay up in here." That saxophone slays me, so ridiculous.

Blouse - thrifted vintage
Sweater - Gap
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - TJ Maxx??
Shoes - Bakers

Sorry for the absence yesterday, I came down with a cold over the weekend which screwed up all my weekend plans. No hanging out with Henrik and my mom (except for breakfast with Nate right before she left.) Eh, oh well, I would have felt terrible if I'd gotten a baby sick. And no going to a MN blogger meet-up on Saturday. Stupid germs!

I had taken a half-day from work yesterday for some afternoon appointments so I figured it wasn't worth going in for 4 hours in the morning when I was half-sick. Also, yesterday... TMI warning... I stupidly made my yearly OBGYN check-up for the same afternoon as my dentist appointment. Worst. Afternoon. Ever.

Psst! I also listed 13 vintage pennants on The Roof is on Fire (my homegoods etsy shop)! I have a few of them hung up around my house and I think they are so cool and the graphics are awesome! But I don't need so many, so off they go!

P.S. Thanks everyone for the support on Friday's "Story Time" post... I still get nervous doing video blogs, despite doing Improv and theater for years, so thanks for making an awkward thing slightly less awkward!

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