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Friday, February 10, 2012

Heyyy, Jenna

I didn't realize until I started typing the outfit details that both the shirt and pants are J.Crew... Heyyy, Jenna Lyons. <3 you. Feel free to send me a sample of everything from Spring '12. And thanks for the educator discount, though I'm still too poor to buy most of your stuff unless it's thrifted or on uber-clearance.

Oxford - thrifted J. Crew
Necklaces - both thrifted
Bangles - thrifted, garage sales, etc
Pants - thrifted J. Crew
Shoes - Baker's

Left arm, right arm...

This whole look was inspired by this photo from glamcanyon... which I pinned and then realized I could recreate with pieces I already own, just in the opposite color scheme and with stripes instead of dots...

My look is most definitely more obnoxious, but I'm into being brash. Happy weekend!

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